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The Pros and Cons of Group Projects


Two words have the power to inspire dread in even the most dedicated students: group projects.

The idea of working with a rag-tag group of people you’ve maybe shared an awkward glance or two with in class is unsettling.


However, There are pros to the situation.

For example you’re learning how to interact with people. This is a valued skill in the real world where most projects are collaborative.   You learn personal responsibility and communication skills!

Sometimes in class you even get to choose your groups.


But for many, the cons outweigh the pros.


 For the most part, everyone falls into assigned roles.


The Group Leader

The self-appointed person in charge. They are a type-A personality that dictates every last detail of the project, from the opening arguments to the font on your power point. Do not try reasoning with them.


The “Ghost”

Has this person showed up to anything? You’re not sure of their name or even what they look like.


The “Volunteer”

They say they’re going to help, but somehow never manage to do their part of the project.


The “Grunt”

They wind up doing all of the work while everything explodes around them.


On the bright side, you can always let out your frustration in group evaluations. Don’t be afraid to be harsh.


Brianna is a proud Long Islander finishing her graduate journalism degree here at Hofstra. The East Meadow native wears many hats on campus, including Assistant News Director at WRHU, Grad Assistant at the Center for Civic Engagement and of course Treasurer here at Her Campus Hofstra! Brianna is currently interning at Fox News. But until she can go set the journalism world on fire, she’ll just have to settle for planning adventures abroad, binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and commiserating about her beloved New York Jets. Follow her on Twitter at @BriannaBorresen!
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