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Power Dressing and Why It’s Important 

When you think of power dressing, you might see a strong-shouldered pantsuit or pinstripes on pinstripes. At one point, that may have defined the term, or for better description, movement. According to Glamour, women wore pantsuits in the 1980s to show that they can be taken seriously in the workplace. The connotation of the term has since changed, and with the #MeToo movement simmering in our minds, the trend of pantsuits now has lady bosses power dressing not to show authority, but to showcase power in femininity and feel confident. 



So what is it, exactly? There is no single definition for power dressing. It can be generalized as a style that makes women feel and look powerful, trendy and confident. Saks Fifth Avenue Fashion Director Roopal Patel told Forbes it’s a “Boss Lady” look, including everything from “power suits” to “power pumps.”

And why is it important? Power dressing not only makes you looks like a #bosslady, but it helps you reach your #bosslady goals. When women feel confident in their outfits, it manifests in their attitudes and work. 



To give you a bigger idea of what power dressing is all about, we asked hard-working college women about what power dressing means to them and what professional looks they like to rock. 

Becca Lo Presti: Sophomore history major at Hofstra University

“Power dressing means to dress in a way that makes me feel confident and not compromised in my personal expression. My power outfit is high waist jeans, a black lace cami, a black and white plaid blazer, and black block heels.”

Antreise Lacey: Junior video, television and film major at Hofstra University

“It’s important to feel confident in clothes at work because it’ll be a constant reminder that you are a force to be reckoned with. When you start to try to fit a box to fit into what your coworkers are wearing, you become part of the norm; you don’t set yourself apart. My go-to professional outfit depends on what mood I am in when I wake up, but its usually a striped button down, black slacks an accent belt and blazer.”

Sami Cusano: Senior math education major at Hofstra University

“Power dressing means wearing whatever makes me feel confident and strong. My go-to outfit is ankle pants, flats and a button down shirt.”


Sara is a senior journalism student at Hofstra University who aspires to one day be on the red carpet giving you the latest on all things celebrity. She is a current NBC intern and co-host of her campus' news show, Hofstra Today. She is also a proud member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority and Zeta Phi Eta, the Pre-Professional Fraternity in the Arts and Sciences of Communications. In her free time, she loves going to the beach, traveling, attending live performances and making memories with her friends and dogs. Follow her on Instagram: @sara__whit and on Twitter: @Sara_Whitman. She also has a travel blog at www.sarawhitmanythoughts.wordpress.com
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