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Periods SUCK. Here’s how to make them a little better.

We all know what’s it like: you wake up one morning, or go to the bathroom in the middle of class, only find that Mother Nature has brought us her monthly gift. Every female has different experiences with their periods, but we can all agree that they are a pain in the butt. I’m here to share my tips and tricks for getting through the parts of the menstrual cycle that really suck.


Prepare Yourself

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There are lots of products and home remedies that are used to help us through periods, specifically through cramps and the overall uncomfortable feeling that come with them. Here is a list of things that are essential when preparing and suffering through this monthly visitor.


  1. Pain killers (Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, etc.): Taking some kind of over-the-counter pain killers before your period even starts can help to reduce pain and cramps. 
  2. Feminine hygiene products for menstruation: There are a multitude of ways to deal with bleeding, such as pads, tampons, menstrual cups, etc. It may seem obvious that you need these for when your period starts, but I cannot tell you how many times I assumed I was well stocked on tampons and found that I actually had run out.
  3. Heating pack: Not only are these good for subduing cramps, but they can be used whenever your muscles are sore at any point. A heating pack can be purchased but also created at home by microwaving a sock filled with rice.
  4. Water: Drinking water is something that we should be doing constantly, but it extremely to remember to consume liquids when you’re on your period.
  5. Extra underwear: We are not completely in control of our body when our menstrual cycle comes along, so having an extra pair of underwear in your bag will make you feel more secure and prepared.


Help Your Body

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It is tempting to lay in bed, eat junk food, and neglect anything social when it’s “that time of the month.” It is important to get plenty of rest when your period starts, but it’s not good for the body to stay in bed all day. Here are a few things that may require more movement and healthier options, but will help your body through this difficult time.


  1. Physical Activity: It sounds excruciating, I know, but by getting up and moving in some way, your body will respond better to cramps and headaches. Even something as simple as yoga or swimming could help your body drastically.
  2. No salty foods: Your body will crave a lot of things while you are on your period, and the main thing to stay away from is salty food. Pretzels and chips will make you feel dehydrated and even worse than before.
  3. No caffeine: A lot of us need our caffeine in the morning in order to make it through the day, but you may want to skip it during your period. Coffee and soda make your body retain more water, causing bloating.
  4. Sex: I feel like we have all heard this heard numerous times, but sexual activity actually helps. This will help your body relax and it can reduce cramps.


Make Yourself Comfortable

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The most important thing to do to get through your period is to make yourself as comfortable as you can. You should do what you feel is best for your own body, but I wouldn’t recommend staying in bed and not doing anything else to get through your menstrual cycle. 

If some of this stuff that hasn’t helped you in the past, then by all means, don’t try it again. These are simply suggestions that have worked for me and many other girls; though they won’t be beneficial for everyone. If none of these suggestions and remedies help you at all, it might be helpful to see your doctor or a gynecologist who will have other options. 

I am currently a Journalism Major at Hofstra University with a minor in Creative Writing. I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA, and my dream is to work for a fashion magazine in New York City (basically I want a life like "The Devil Wears Prada"). My interests include fashion, binge watching movies illegally on the internet, and working out every other week or so.
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