Outfits Inspired by the Hofstra Tulips

It's happening - the Hofstra tulips are on their way! I don't know about you, but the first sighting of those green stems popping up out of the ground always gives me hope. It seems like just as soon as you see the first signs of the tulips, Hofstra's campus is a sea of color! Don't pick one of the thousands of colorful flowers that make up the Hofstra Arboretum because those pretty blooms come with a hefty fine - instead find inspiration for your spring closet.

1. Colorful Tulip Skirt

Tulip skirts come in all shapes and sizes. Choose a short tulip skirt with multiple folds or a long flowing maxi tulip skirt. Also, some wrap dresses are inspired by the tulip skirt, as the material wraps one side over the other. Whichever style you choose to suit your body type, make sure to pick it in a warm, bright color to inspire the warm weather and reflect the beautiful colors covering the campus grounds!

2. Tulip-Printed Dress

Why not choose a print that's entirely covered in tulips? Patterns in stores are focusing on florals for the spring season. Choose a dress or skirt with a large floral print to make a bold statement.

3. Multi-Colored Kimonos

Looking for an outfit with some boho charm? Use the pastel colors of the tulips you see on campus to choose a multicolored print in a maxi-dress or kimono. Pair it with natural hair, and you'll look casually chic and effortlessly beautiful!