One-Night Stand Essentials

So you just had a one-night stand and woke up at their place. Let’s be real: after you wake up the next morning, you will most likely want to freshen up, figure out how to get back home, and recap with your friends about how your night went over a mountain of breakfast food. Here is what you need to know before going into a one-night stand.

What to Bring

  • Condoms

I personally believe that condoms are the most important item to keep in your bag. Not only are you making sure you definitely have a method of STD/pregnancy prevention, but you also won’t have to rely on your partner to provide them for you. Take care of your sexual health and pack a form of contraception.


  • Emergency Cash

I highly suggest carrying cash with you. Whether it be buying some food or emergency contraception, it’s always useful to have cash on hand.


  • Phone charger

Having your phone die while at someone’s house is not ideal, especially if you are taking a Lyft. Before heading out for the night, make sure to throw a phone charger [preferably portable] into your bag to ensure you have an easy way to get back home.


  • Breath Refresher/Hair Ties

These are the things that you probably have at the bottom of your bag yet will be incredibly useful when getting your act together the next morning.


  • Underwear

Clean underwear is as useful as you would expect. By bringing a spare, it gives you some fresh clothes to wear and makes you feel more put-together the morning after.


  • Wipes

If you wore makeup the night before, having makeup wipes can easily eliminate the raccoon eyes you may have developed overnight. You may also want to bring individually packaged feminine wipes to clean down-under.


If you aren’t able to bring all these items, that’s okay! If you have a really small bag or are going to a party and not carrying a purse, I think that the most important items from this list to bring are condoms and emergency cash.


Some Things to Remember

  • Screw the stigma

The stigma surrounding one night stands and wanting sex without commitment is definitely a thing, especially for women. However, if you enjoyed yourself, you should embrace the hookup and not feel regretful. Do not let other people’s opinions potentially ruin your positive experience.


  • Communication is everything

To have a good one night stand, it is important to communicate with your partner about what you want in bed. This is the first time you are with this person so you and your partner are going to need to communicate with each other sexual likes and dislikes.


  • Share your location

When going over to a new person’s house, it’s a good idea to provide your location to at least one trusted friend. By texting them where you’ll be or sending your current location, someone will always know where you are in case anything happens.


  • You can leave anytime you want

If you are uncomfortable and don’t want to have sex anymore, you have every right to stop and leave. Do not ever feel that you are obligated to do anything that you are uncomfortable doing. If you realize that casual sex may not be your thing or suddenly get a weird vibe from your partner, you can always change your mind and go home. Listen to your gut: if what you are doing isn’t what you want, never feel guilty for speaking up.


College is a time where people oftentimes explore their sexualities and are more likely to have casual sex. Which is awesome! But if that isn’t your thing, that is completely okay too! The whole point of college is to figure out what YOU want and enjoy.


Stay safe and have fun!