News Recap (10/29- 11/12)

When you want to pour over the pages of CNN and InStyle Magazine, but you don't have the time for it? Yeah, that's my life too. Between school, work, and our social lives- we gotta know whats going on without reading a novel. So here's a summary of whats been hopping on all sides of the spectrum to keep us informed for the next week.

Special Announcement

All over the media is the devastating shootings all over America, and it’s time we speak out about gun control. Let’s educate everyone on that since 1968, there have been over 1.5 million guns- based deaths and that this shouldn’t be a norm. It’s time to demand gun control, here is a link to a petition on its way to getting 725,000 signatures for more gun control


Feminist by Choice

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Beauty Pageant Femicide Stats

The glitz and glam circling around beauty pageants isn’t something out of the ordinary. But what the Peru beauty contestants had to say was, not only, completely unexpected, but completely inspiring. Instead of giving the usual name and measurements of each woman, they gave their name and statistics on violence against women in their country. ranging from sexual assault to violence. Two things are for sure: These women are the epitome of brave and fierce. The women of Peru need our help.


France May Fine Catcallers

2017 is officially the year that women pounce back on men for all their BS. France is heading this revolution by starting to fine catcallers, all due to a hashtag #BlalanceTonPorc by a badass journalist, Sandra Miller. The overwhelming amount of negative responses to street harassment has raised the roof in France, so the government finally listened and proposes to fine men on the spot for it. Hey, America, maybe time to catch up?


Who is Penny Nance?

Time and time again, Donald Trump has appointed people for certain spots on his board that just seem like an ironic joke to the world. Now women are in trouble with his next appointment: Penny Nance. As a self-proclaimed anti-abortion, anti-feminist and anti-LGBT member of the community, she is the last person the public wants for the ‘Ambassador for Women.’


Badass Women of the Week

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Danica Roem

As of November 7th, the Virginia made history by appointing their first openly transgender person for US legislature. As a journalist and Democrat politician, this badass is showing the world that no matter what, you can do anything- and beat a huge anti-LGBT candidate in the votes while you’re at it.

Meika Hollender

Now sex is great, but people who advocate for safer sex are even better. Hollender has created a company, called Sustain, that is solely based on vegan condoms and providing everyone with the access to environmentally friendly, safer sex.

Ellen Page

Ellen Page, a pioneer in the film industry and LGBT activist, is continuously calling bigots out on their BS. Within this past week, an array of sexual assault claims has flooded Hollywood, Page has come out and admitted she too has been sexually assaulted. Within this, she apologized for working on a Woody Allen film and has told the survivors of SA that ‘you are the revolution.’ Owning up a coming out gets a spot on the badass pedestal this week.


Pop Culture

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Sexual Assault on the rise

Ever since the Weinstein case came to light, more brave women have been coming forth and telling he world of their assailants. You can’t even google sexual assault without a flood of celebrities being accused. When it rains, it pours- and is finally pouring over the men whose actions were long overdue for a reckoning.

Taylor Swift Reputation dropped

T-Swift once again killed it with her record sales. November 10th, the long-awaited album, Reputation, finally released and her fans went nuts. Filled with bops and soon to be T-Swift classics, the album already sold 700,000 copies on its first day. Will this be her highest selling album yet?


Beauty, Fashion, and Everything in Between

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Cultural Appropriation isn’t dead, but it should be

The Thanksgiving festivities are coming around the corner, and so are the blatant cultural appropriating videos. Sailor J, a popular beauty guru on YouTube, uploaded a satirical makeup tutorial entitled, ‘"How to Do Thanksgiving Makeup That Has Nothing to Do with the 566 Federally Recognized Tribes." While it’ imperative to stay fierce, this is a lil reminder to be respectful in every holiday season.

Zara scandal

When you think of beautiful clothes you’ll be slaying at your next date/ get together/interview, one of the first brands to come to mind is always: Zara. Elegant, gorgeous, and sophisticated, that’s everything we need. But what we don’t need are clothing companies that don’t pay fair wages. Lately, within their clothes, workers have started a petition and to bring awareness to the fact that Zara hasn’t paid them in over a year. Over a year with no wages, it’s time to enact change in the clothing industry.

Patrick Starrr is getting his own MAC Collection

Our favorite beauty gurus, Patrick Starrr, is finally teaming up with MAC Cosmetics for a new collection. Sources say that the collection will drop this December, right around the holiday season. I know what I’ll be buying this Christmas, will you guys and gals be shopping his collection as well?


No One is Talking About This

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Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Lung Cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in both men (1 in 14) and women (1 in 17). It’s the highest cancer deaths, with 1 in 4. And it’s the least talked about cancer of them all. If you want to enact some sort of event, or even raise awareness, the Lung Cancer Awareness can host a ‘Shine a Light On’ event here:

Cameroon’s Refugees

In one of the worst breaches in international principle, the world is staying silent on Cameroon’s mass deportation. The deportation of asylum seekers to Nigeria is affecting at least 100,000 men, women, and children. They’re under brutal attacks left and right, with no one talking about it. With any problem, it needs awareness- the refugees of Cameroon need awareness.

Indonesia Religious Minorities

Something no one discusses is the religious minority groups being prosecuted in Indonesia. As an ongoing problem, the minority religious groups have a glimmer of hope this past week. A little while ago, a proposal was handed to the government that they should carry ID cards listing their religion. Luckily, they ruled it ‘unconstitutional.’ While one victory gives a ray of sunshine on this horrendous situation, the oppressive government in Indonesia is still an ongoing problem.