Movie Review: The Edge of Seventeen


One of the most talked about movies this month is "The Edge of Seventeen". The movie stars Hailee Steinfeld, Blake Jenner, Kyra Sedgwick and Woody Harrelson. It was a new take on a coming of age story that can be enjoyed by any audience.

Hailee Steinfeld plays 17-year-old Nadine who is awkward, different and claims she has an old soul. Throughout the movie, Nadine is trying to come to terms with who she is, while dealing with common high school struggles, like boys, friends, and grades. She has one close friend and doesn’t really get along with the people in her generation. She is close to her dad, but argues constantly with her older brother and her mom. Nadine’s older brother is the complete opposite of her. He is athletic, popular and pretty much gets along with everyone. Both siblings struggle with the constant neediness of their mother and try to help her continue living a good life. Woody Harrelson plays the role of Nadine’s history teacher and I can’t help but think that the role was made for him. His character is sarcastic, witty, and overall the person that Nadine ends up relying on the most.

Many critics compared this movie to the "Breakfast Club", "Sixteen Candles" and "Mean Girls". I thought it was a great movie but it shouldn’t be compared to such classics. I found it funny and super relatable. It had a great storyline, as well as twists throughout the film. Many teenagers could easily be feeling the same way as Nadine and I know I have. I overall thought the movie was really good. The cast was picked perfectly and the ideas touched upon in the movie could connect to several different kinds of people. It is the perfect movie to sit and watch with friends. If you get the chance I highly recommend you go see this movie. I hope you’ll like it as much as I did!