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Most Shocking Moments From The Vampire Diaries Finale

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*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

Many tears were shed when the series finale of The Vampire Diaries aired March 10th, but the overall episode was able to wrap up each character’s story well. That does not mean there weren’t any bumps along the way though. The most shocking of which revealed below:  

When Stefan Gave Up His Life

*Cue tears* He did this so that everyone he loved could live. As Stefan talked to Elena (who made a shocking reappearance after several seasons), he revealed that he was not actually compelled to walk away when Damon wanted to sacrifice himself, so he pulled the ultimate hero move and gave the cure to Damon, yes you heard us right, while he aged away. 


Katherine Strikes Again. 

In the first few minutes of the episode Elena “wakes up”, but we quickly learn that it isn’t actually Elena, but of course Katherine up to her annoying tricks.

Bonnie Lives and Elena Wakes Up

Bonnie luckily did not have to die for Elena to finally wake up despite the psychic link that had bonded their lives together. As we saw in the finale, Bonnie got back her powers and eventually was able to reverse the curse that Kai had originally placed on Elena.


All of the Past Characters Return

The nicely wrapped ending showed each character from past episodes make a quick appearance at some point. Some of the most noteable being: Lexi when she met Stefan outside of the high school, Klaus’s letter to Caroline, Liz Forbes watching over Caroline, Jo looking at her family, Elena’s entire family finally being reunited, and of course Grams supporting Bonnie one last time.

As sad as we are to see our favorite series come to an end, it has been an amazing eight years full of ups and downs, but I think the finale gave us all the closure we needed.

Now to binge-watch the series from the beginning!

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