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The Most Dramatic Season Yet of The Bachelor: Season 22 Two Night Finale

*Contains spoilers if Twitter hasn’t already ruined it for you* 

I call this episode: This is why we can’t have nice things.

In a surprising season finale we were “treated” to another two night event, with Monday night feeding us three hours of action and Tuesday night choking us with two more hours of nonsense from Arie. 

Let's begin.

Night One:

Going into Monday night's finale, it was important to remember Arie had told both girls he loves them. The finale took place in Cusco, Peru where the girls got to meet the Luyendyk family. When meeting the families, the theme was Lauren was more of a risk and while the family loved her, her constant need to have her hand held and be constantly reassured brought up doubts to Arie's family. Becca also totally killed her “meet the family” and her confidence was so much more obvious and stood out to the family much more, convincing them to say she is a better fit for Arie than Lauren. Spoiler alert: Arie doesn’t listen— sort of. 

Lauren’s final date took her to Machu Picchu and she says she is so much more confident and open now that the family likes her, but Arie seems more confused than ever. Baby Bekah and Sienne were brought into the live finale and Baby Bekah was very smart saying if he is this conflicted he probably wouldn’t be proposing at all. In Becca’s final date in Peru, they explored the local market and Alpacas were involved. It is hard to remember how cute these final dates were after what Arie did to Becca. 

As Arie prepared to propose to someone he continued to brag about how he told two women he was in love with them– like dude, that’s not a good thing, it just makes you more unlikeable. Lauren was first to the final rose platform and opened up to Arie in the sweetest way, but it was seemingly too little too late for him as he says he cannot marry her and she breaks down asking, “Why?” For a few minutes Bachelor Nation cried with Lauren in her limo until Becca walked down to Arie and he dropped to one knee. Arie said he is choosing her everyday from here on out and Becca said yes! Cue Chris Harrison to finally end this season, but he said, “Normally, this is where the story ends, but not tonight." 

Bachelor Nation got to see the in between life after the show before the finale with Becca and Arie happy in love— again, not so much. Arie almost immediately started talking about how much he was still thinking about Lauren and he felt so guilty for choosing Becca leading up to the realization that he has to follow his heart and risk everything for Lauren. Arie calls off the engagement and breaks up with Becca in 40 minutes of unedited reality TV. Are you kidding me, Arie? I still just want to give Arie a giant middle finger and it's been a few days since I have seen this finale. 

The first uncut unedited scene in reality TV history was truly pathetic and distasteful. I am @-ing you ABC, you did not need to air that entire humiliating, and heartbreaking breakup. We did not need to see the full extent of Arie admitting he is still in love with Lauren. He was leaving Becca for Lauren with no truly good reason and the other half-a** excuses he gave. Pardon my French, but I am still heated from this night. Arie was such a jerk and I will not devote any more time to him. Becca handled being dumped and humiliated like a champ, kicking him out and being very mature saying, “I love you and I obviously want you to be happy and it’s not me.” She was much classier than I have (and would have) been.

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Back at the live viewing party, Chris Harrison brought Becca out to the hot seat as the season *finally* ended. Becca won her way into America’s hearts after being a very confident, happy, and kind person in the often toxic Bachelor Nation after getting Arie down on one knee on night one and developing her little phrase, “Let’s do the damn thing.”

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The season wrapped up on night two with After The Final Rose. We started by watching Arie see Lauren for the first time since Peru. He was nervous, but she was very excited and she jumped into his arms before asking him all the tough questions and ending with making out and making up.

Back at the live show our favorite Chris Harrison brought Becca into the hot seat we got to hear a lot of her side on the whole thing. Spoiler alert: we still love her, she was so classy handling the whole situation. Arie came out to talk to Becca to very limited applause and the couch was very tense. Arie says he regrets proposing and only did so due to the pressure and admits he made a mistake and by the end Becca seems ready to move on. 

Chris brought Arie and Lauren back and they talked about the whole situation, and they said they didn’t watch Arie dumping Becca and Lauren says she trusts Arie with everything and then he gets down on one knee and proposes to Lauren who says yes. No one really knew what to say so Chris popped us into a commercial break and then brought Becca out as the new Bachelorette! She said it is a “hard yes all around” because she “has so much love to give” and we are all so excited to see her this spring as the Bachelorette. 

Chris surprised Becca and everyone by starting The Bachelorette right then and there and bringing a few of the men out!

We met Lincoln first, a tall, dark, and accented handsome man who also celebrated his birthday that day.

Second, we met Chase, he just sweet talked himself and Becca.

Third, we met Ryan who entered serenaded Becca with a song and banjo.

Next we met Darius and he is my favorite so far, he apologized on behalf of his gender for what Becca went through with Arie and was so in awe of Becca.

Finally, a guy walks in with a horse and introduces himself as Blake and the horse as Bradley and he said, “When you fall off the horse you have to get back up again and I want to be the man to help you get back up” and everyone melted. 

And finally, this season of The Bachelor is over. If you can’t tell, I am more than happy to see the last of Arie. 

Memorable Moments from Season 22

First kiss: Brittany T.

First French kiss: Chelsea

First steal: Makel from Chelsea

First Impression Rose: Chelsea 

First one-on-one date: Becca K. 

First girl sent home on one-on-one: Lauren S.

First trip: Lake Tahoe

Villain: Krystal 

Hometown Visits: Becca K., Kendall, Lauren B., and Tia 

Final Rose: Becca— sort of. 

All photos came from Disney ABC Press 

All gifs from Giphy.com

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