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The Most Dramatic Season Yet of The Bachelor: Season 22 Episode 9

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

I call this episode: lots of lovin’. 

Three women, Peru and Arie. What could go wrong? Surprisingly, a lot.

Kendall was the first to see Arie in Peru and right away in an interview said she would tell Arie “no” if he proposed that day. Later Arie said being married to Kendall would be exciting and he would never get bored, but then this made Kendall feel like Arie thought of her as a novelty. 

It was really a roller coaster of emotions as Kendall confessed to feeling not ready for Fantasy Suites and then 20 minutes later when they had a moment of confessing their mutual feelings for each other and she accepted her Fantasy Suite key she was suddenly ready for an engagement?? I am just as confused too.   

Lauren then  hopped into a plane and looked at the Nazca Lines and geoglyphs of Peru. Arie was concerned about the wall up around Lauren and how she is constantly in her head about the whole process of The Bachelor. In a very telling line Arie said, “I see this incredible woman but I only get to see glimpses of her.” Lauren said she needed to feel like the only girl he is with and that this show just allows men to sleep around and women to develop severe trust issues. Like, if you know you have trust issues and you struggle with not being the only woman in his life, then don’t go on The Bachelor. 

To make her feel better (probably) Arie told Lauren he loved her and they ran off to the Fantasy Suites together. 

Becca and Arie took a boat onto the ocean and got to see the different islands and animals around Peru. They talked about when Becca would move to Arizona and she continued to express during interviews her desire to tell Arie she loves him. She finally did in an adorable little hut in the desert and Arie told her he loves her too. 

She said “I am so full. I feel like my heart is exploding” and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. She said yes to the Fantasy Suite and then they literally just like walked down the desert a little bit and camped in a hut – it was the definition of #glamping. He said there is a part of him that wants to end all of this now and just propose in the sand dunes. I am just sad her Fantasy Suite was camping in the desert. 

Suddenly, some guy shows up saying he is looking for his soulmate and the love of his life, and he is coming back to get his girl. He said he didn’t know The Bachelor ended with a proposal and so he knocked on Arie’s door and introduced himself as Ross, Becca’s ex.  

He said he found this out a week before she was on the show and he said he thinks he should be the one proposing because he’s the love of Becca’s life (not Arie). Arie was (understandably) pissed but Ross went ahead to find Becca (and she looked truly SHOOK when she opened the door). 

She totally shut him down and he left actually in a pretty mature parting. He wished Becca and Arie the best after realizing Becca doesn’t want him and left. Becca went and checked in with Arie and they both just seemed angry at the whole situation and thoroughly unsettled.

Going into the rose ceremony, there were a lot of questions after the whole Ross debacle but Arie ended up pulling Kendall aside again and admitted that he did not think they can get to the right place in time, sending her home and going with the two women he said he loved (big mistake Arie). So heading into the finale, someone will be left feeling very betrayed. 

The season finale of Season 22 of The Bachelor airs Monday March 5 at 8 p.m. ET in ABC. 

Memorable Moments from Season 22

First kiss: Brittany T

First French kiss: Chelsea

First steal: Makel from Chelsea

First Impression Rose: Chelsea 

First one on one date: Becca K 

First girl sent home on one on one: Lauren S

First trip: Lake Tahoe

Villain: Krystal 

Hometown Visits: Becca K, Kendall, Lauren B, and Tia 

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