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The Most Dramatic Season Yet of The Bachelor: Season 22 Episode 5

I call this episode: Spotlight stealers and meaningful conversation 

This week we headed to Fort Lauderdale because the location scouts had to spend more time finding a bachelor instead of finding locations. Somehow we still got the short end of the stick with Arie in Fort Lauderdale, so all I am hoping for is to NOT have to see Arie put his hand through someone’s hoop earring again. I still have PTSD from last week.

The first date was on a yacht and Single Mom Chelsea was the lucky lady. While she was gone, Photographer Maquel returned and the girls watched Chelsea's date from a telescope on the roof. Creepy, if you ask me. 

Chelsea kept it coming with another great line, “I am on a dream boat, but I am with a dreamboat.” But, hey, they actually had a real conversation and we learned so much about Chelsea. She’s a single mom, and the baby daddy is a much older man who put her in a crappy situation, but Chelsea still makes the best of it. She is actually so down to earth, so I respect her. Single Mom Chelsea is so much more than just being a single mom, and Arie saw that and gave her the rose. However, the super “real” and down-to-earth conversation ended when Arie “accidentally” found another ballroom with a country artist singing a love song while they made out and danced. 

We witnessed another group date, like usual, but this date was not typical. It started with Arie picking up a venereal disease after licking a bowling ball. 

Then, the producers turned up the heat by dividing the girls into teams— the winning team won time with Arie and the losing team had to go back to the hotel. Well, that was the intention, but Arie felt bad and let all the girls go to the after party. Smitten Kitten Krystal appeared again “feeling disrespected because her team won and then didn’t get the prize.” 

She kept talking about how Arie disrespected her and didn’t include her in the decision and that is not something she wants in a partner. Arie went up to talk to her, because she didn’t show up to the after party and he realized what a whiny baby (or wicked witch) she actually was. He began “questioning everything”, including his sexuality, probably. Arie is still freaked out about Baby Bekah’s age and, tbh, what else is new? Midwest Becca K. got a little more time with Arie, but it was fairly uneventful, because that's the exact moment when Smitten Kitten Krystal decided to join the party. 

It really didn’t matter because Lauren B. got the rose and life moved on.

Tia won the third date, another one-on-one, and they went into the Everglades on an airboat. Arie said it was “a country date for a country girl” as they went looking at alligators. It was pretty cute, and they had some good conversation, but every time I see Tia, all I think of is Raven Gates from Nick’s season. 

She is pretty smart actually— she is an actual doctor and is a physical therapist and is unabashedly herself. Tia told Arie she is falling in love with him and Arie gave her the rose. 

Now, let me set the scene for you. Everybody hates Krystal. Enter another cocktail party. Enter Krystal. 

“I wasn’t hiding in my room I was investing in myself.” 

That is all. Well, it is not because Krystal told the girls to talk to her if they have a problem with her, so, yes, most of the girls confronted her and everyone was annoyed. 

But, really I am sick of watching and writing about the drama because it is all the same conversations over and over again. Krystal was insecure. Krystal acted out. Others were hurt and Krystal played the victim. Everyone is annoyed about Smitten Kitten Krystal. She still got a rose.

Now, that really is all. 

Season 22 Episode 4 Highlights

Date Roses: Chelsea, Lauren B., Tia

Bitchiest women of the house: Smitten Kitten Krystal (still)

Front runners: Becca M., Chelsea, Tia, Lauren B. 

Eliminated: Maquel, Marikh, Ashley

Memorable Moments from Season 22

First kiss: Brittany T.

First French kiss: Chelsea

First steal: Maquel from Chelsea

First Impression Rose: Chelsea 

First one on one date: Becca K. 

First girl sent home on one on one: Lauren S.

First trip: Lake Tahoe

Season 22’s Corrine: Krystal 

Season 22 Episode 7 airs February 5 at 8pm ET/7pm CT on ABC. 

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