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Manu Delcourt ’16

NAME: Manuel Delcourt


AGE: 23




MAJOR: International Business


HOMETOWN: Paris, France


HOBBIES: I like to go to the gym, hang out with my friends, or go to the NYC to try to act like a real New Yorker.


FUN FACT: I swam for 20 years, up to 10 times a week. But I had to stop when I came here because swimming is the only team Hofstra doesn’t have!


FAVORITE FOOD: I like all Italian food pretty much, but also traditional French products like: cheese, wine, foie gras and roti.


FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM: The American swim team, because not only do they win everything, but also they all are very classy both in and out of the pool!


PET PEEVES: I don’t really like when people are always complaining, selfish, or cocky.



CELEB CRUSH: A mix of Scarlett Johansson for the looks and the sweetness, and Eva Mendes for the Latina side.


WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A GIRL: I like funny and smart girls, which usually comes together. And if you add a nice smile then I’m solds…


WORST DATE: Once I had a date with a girl and the only thing she did was talk about her ex. I felt like I was her therapist. I guess I was good because a few days later she was back with him!


IDEAL DATE: Such a cliché but I already did and it was perfect. We spent an entire day skiing in the French Alps. Then we drank hot wine and ate fondue on the top of the mountains with a nice view of the Mont Blanc.


ONE PLACE YOU WANT TO TRAVEL TO: I’d say either Australia or Italy. In Australia I would spend a season as lifeguard on the beach. And I’ve heard that Australians are very welcoming. I would go to Italy for its culture, history, landscapes, food and the women of course haha!


Currently a Sophomore at Hofstra University working towards a BA in Journalism, with a minor in Sociology. In the past Clare has worked for the non-profit Plan USA to help run youth advocacy programs and has worked to promote youth governance and youth empowerment in social activism. After graduation, Clare hopes to work for Buzzfeed (fingers crossed) or another online news source. She is looking for her big break in life with the least amount of mistakes on the journey there.
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