Man Crush Monday: Nico Bermudez

Name: Nico Bermudez

Major: Journalism Major, Political Science Minor

Year: Junior

Hometown: Old Bridge, New Jersey

Campus Involvement: WRHU Radio Hofstra University, The Hofstra Chronicle, Hofstra Events Staff

Where do you see yourself after graduating from Hofstra?

"Hopefully, I can find a job as soon as possible. Sports journalism is my preference, and baseball would be my first choice in a sport but anything works for me."

When have you been the proudest?

"When I first got to host a sports talk show at the Hofstra radio station, WRHU, because since I joined the radio station my freshman year, that was a big goal of mine and I finally got the opportunity."

Who is someone that inspires you?

"I’d say my dad because he’d always know how to have fun with me and joke around with me, but he’d always make sure I was one step ahead of things. He would always make sure I had a positive mindset and was on the right track of focusing on school and putting work before anything else. He always taught me how to just be a better person."

What is something that really bothers you?

"I hate when people try to talk about something like they know it, meanwhile it’s evident that they don’t know a single thing about it."

Who is someone you used to be really close to who you wish you still saw?

"One of my friends from elementary and middle school, John. He and I were best friends growing up. [We] would hang out all the time, we’d play baseball together, our families were friends. When we went to high school we just split up like I did with almost all of my friends from growing up. It’s pretty unfortunate but he and I never kept in touch after graduating from 8th grade.

Something you enjoy so much you would go out of your way for it?

"Watching baseball or talking about baseball. It’s definitely my favorite sport, and probably my biggest passion of many passions I have in my life. If it were up to me, I’d go see every Mets game there was."

Photo Courtesy of Joe Ciorra

When was the hardest you’d ever worked?

"Trying to work my way up at WRHU. I would put in for a lot, throwing myself out there for any opportunities, and just showing my face."

What is something that you used to do that you don’t do anymore?

"I would never allow people to sit on my bed. Now I’ve gotten softer, but people are not allowed to touch my pillows. They can sit on the edge of my bed as long as they don’t get near my pillows. If my neighbors ever came over and wanted to play video games, they’d have to sit on Marco’s bed (his brother) and I’d just be alone on my bed."

What is the dumbest item you have recently purchased?

"A Nebraska Cornhusker shot glass."


(All Other Photos Courtesy of Jennifer Goldstein)