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Made-Up Monday: Brows on Fleek

Thank Instagram and Twitter for the current obsession with perfectly groomed brows. #BrowsonFleek will show you a combination of immaculate eyebrows and eyebrows so poorly drawn on that you question whether or not their owner suffers from a vision impairment. If you’re someone like me, you’ve struggled with finding and maintaining the perfect shape for your face for years. Where do you go? Who do you trust? Well friends, fear not! I will be giving you advice on how to obtain the mysterious and sought after “fleeked brow.”

Before you go shaving your eyebrows off, be aware that having thick eyebrows is not a bad thing. A thicker brow can make you appear more youthful and awake. Cara Delevingne has made her unkempt brows a signature look. If your eyebrows are naturally thick, consider letting them grow in a bit. Even if your goal is to have a thin brow with a higher arch, letting them grow out gives you more hair to work with.

The trend that I tend to gravitate towards is the pin-up brow. Katy Perry is notorious for rocking this look. Pin-up brows are dark, arched, and filled in fully. I think these brows make more of a statement, but they also require a lot of maintenance unless your hairs naturally grow in like Jessica Rabbit. If you are not confident in your plucking abilities (or even if you are), go to a professional! I am a huge advocate of Benefit Brow Bar. Those girls will whip your eyebrows into shape nearly painlessly. Once your brows are groomed, you have the raw materials necessary to achieve these brows, but you still need some additional help from my best friend: eyebrow pencil. A spoolie, a pencil, and some concealer is really all you need to have pin-up brows so beautiful that Dita Von Teese would shed a tear of joy. 
Although there is some flexibility in what to do and what not to do, I will tell you a general rule of thumb for eyebrow maintenance: less is more! That applies to plucking, filling, and arching. It’s easy to get attached to your tweezer and pluck away any stray that makes a guest appearance, but that could also turn into over-plucking and that is a hard thing to undo. Filling in your brows is like a religious experience for some, but too much pencil can leave you looking harsh. And as far as arching goes, more natural shapes tend to be more universally flattering. Too much of a good thing is usually bad.
I hope that my brow tips have been helpful and I hope to see you all looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (and hopefully not bushy-browed)! 

Danielle is currently a Public Relations major at Hofstra University with a minor in Drama. She is passionate about poetry, politics, and all things cosmetics-related. She is originally from Los Angeles, California and though she misses the sunny weather, she is loving New York. She also has a slight addiction to caffeine and good Mexican food.
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