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Learning the Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Although we celebrate love in month of February, we often forget than many are in unhealthy relationships. It is not always easy to realize that one may be in an abusive relationship because abuse may not always leave noticeable bruises. If things feel a little off in a relationship, it is time to think about safety. There are various types of abuse from physical to emotional to even digital. It is important to take time and to learn the signs of different abusive relationships to make sure you can help yourself, your loved ones or anyone you may know that is experiencing one. In my healthy relationship series, I want to dedicate the first article to explaining the various types of abuses and their signs.

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The first type of abuse could be physical, which can result from any unwanted physical altercation that leaves one in pain or in bruises. Such actions include:

  • Pushing
  • Pulling
  • Scratching
  • Grabbing of body parts 
  • Threatening with weapons

Abuse may not always be physical. It could be emotional instead. Such signs include:

  • Constant insulting
  • Yelling
  • Stalking
  • Humiliation
  • Threatening to harm or expose secrets

Abuse can also happen over technological devices and social medias such as:

  • Texting or sending unwanted messages or pictures and or asking for them

A partner taking control in sexual activities by pressure/force and without consent are signs of sexual abuse. Other actions can include:

  • Unwanted kissing and or touching
  • Attempt sex without consent
  • Threatening sexual activity
  • Pressuring/forcing to do sexual acts

Photo taken by Charlie Foster 

Abuse may not always be noticed right away. However, if you feel like you have experienced any of these signs then it is time to talk to a trusted adult, counselor or friend that may help you safely get out of the relationship or help to make it healthier.

More information and resources can be found on loveisrespect.org.

This article was written in partnership with DoSomething.org’s 1 in 5 campaign.

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