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Junior Profile: David Zago

Major: English Education

Year: Junior

Why did you choose to come to Hofstra?
I was told by a friend of mine that the education department was a great program to be a part of since I want to teach.

Why did you choose your major?
I have always had a passion for reading, so I figured why not pass on my passion to future generations.

Plans after graduation?
After graduation I want to teach for a while and then go back to school and obtain my masters and possibly higher.

How do you balance the social and academic aspects of college?
I am not sure how I am able to balance my social and academic life. It’s challenging, but it takes practice. But I would recommend investing in a calendar.

A class at Hofstra that you would recommend anyone to take?
I am not sure if I can recommend a class at Hofstra, only because being an English Education major, I feel like no one besides English majors would enjoy my enthusiasm for an English class.

Favorite professor at Hofstra?
It is only my first full year here, so I feel as though I haven’t experienced enough teachers to say I have a favorite, but so far every professor that I have encountered has been pretty amazing.

Grace Gavilanes is a rising junior at Hofstra University majoring in English and Journalism. She hopes to pursue a career in Journalism and, eventually, in English Education. Grace is super driven and has many goals that she is positive will be made into reality. This Queens native enjoys drinking bubble tea and dancing in the rain!
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