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Jordan Richmond 16′

Name: Jordan Richmond


Hometown: Aurburn, Maine


Graduation Year: 2016


Major: Marketing


What drew you to Hofstra?

I found out about Hofstra because it had a weird name. I was on College Board and while looking at colleges I had a set list of demographics that I was looking at. I clicked on Hofstra as a joke and it ended up having all the things that I wanted. So when I had to take this AP test, they asked what school I wanted to send my scores too. I had to decide between Hofstra and this other school and I hadn’t really made up my mind yet, so I had to make a split decision. So I chose Hofstra.


What organizations are you apart of?

I am the President of She’s the First, an Orientation Leader, and a Residence Hall Honorary. I used to be an RA, and I also was an SGA Senator for one year. I was named Fall Fest King so I have to be on the Senior Class Gift Committee.


Why is it important that a man is part of She’s the First?

I don’t think supporting gender should have gender lines. I think anybody who possibly can help should support a girl getting her education. In the areas that She’s the First helps a lot of the girls can’t afford their education on their own or they are pulled out for various domestic reasons. Just because they are females doesn’t mean they shouldn’t receive an education and that should be just as much of a man’s job as it should be a woman’s.


Where do you see yourself after graduation?

My plan is to move into New York City and get my life started. I don’t have any specific goals that I want to accomplish. I just want to get a job that I enjoy. I have a lot of industries that I am looking into like the entertainment industry. My plan is to just move into the city and see where life takes me.


How it did it feel when you were named Fall Fest King?

Oh my God! It was such a weird moment because my entire stick was the being very pageantry so I was looking out and smiling and waving and posing. So when I went out I was like “I have to keep this up even if I don’t win at least I can say I was funny!” I kept it up the whole time! My parents were there and one of my best friends who graduated last year was there, along with all my friends from the summer. So the whole time my heart is pounding and they said my name and I kind of blacked out for a second and I just thought wave, smile, wave, smile, where are your parents? Look at them. It was really exciting, and the best part was that my best friend Sarah McGough was named Homecoming Queen. It was an amazing moment, I was just named King and two seconds later she was named Queen so we had that moment together.



Hey! I'm Marialena Rago from Philadelphia, PA. I am a junior journalism major and drama minor at Hofstra University. Alittle bit about me: I am a huge theatre fan...like crazy huge! I have my own theatre blog where I write about theatre and Broadway! If you are intrested check it out breatheinsingout.wordpress.com. I also write for a mazagine back home in South Philly where I am their theatre geek. So to say I love theatre is bit of an understatement! I have an English Bulldog named Winston who I love dearly. I am also a huge Audrey Hepburn fan! I read and write almost everyday...or I try to at least! Can't wait to get started writing for Her Campus as well! :D  
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