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It’s Not Too Late: 7 Summer Internships You Can Still Apply For

Collegiettes, we’ve all been there. You may be sitting behind your computer feeling the wrath of the end of the semester. Finals and papers are piling up and in the midst of this stress—you’re still trying to find an internship position for summer.

Trying to find an internship position that best fits your area of interest and your time schedule is tough, especially when a slew of out-of-towner college students add to the already tough New York competition come summer. But although there is only a month of school left, we’ve rounded up a list of 7 internships that you can still apply for!

1) BDBG Marketing

Calling all photography majors! In New York’s competitive media market, this position is still available. Courtesy of internships.com

BDBG Marketing

Location: 470 7th Avenue

                 New York, NY

Application Deadline: Available Year-round

Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid

Description: This promotional group is looking for photography interns to take photos of their weekly events. Interns must have their own equipment and great communication skills.

To apply: Sign up on internships.com to apply and for more details here

2) Red Rooster Group

Marketing majors– there’s still time to apply! Red Rooster Group is a Non-profit branding design agency looking for interns! Maybe this is your fit!

Red Rooster Group

Location: 36 East 23rd Street

                  New York, NY

Application Deadline: April 26, 2013

Position: Full-time, Stipend

Timeframe: 06/03/13 — 09/03/13 (Flexible)

Description: This fast-paced marketing design firm is suitable for interns who want to improve the livelihood of the world and want to work towards helping nonprofit organizations improve the effectiveness in the area of their marketing and fundraising. This internship pays a stipend of $100 per week to cover expenses. 
To apply: Red Rooster Group has 1 coveted spot per semester, so apply ASAP. Email info@redroostergroup.com with the words MARKETING INTERN and your name in the subject line. 

3) D&E Marketing Group

Hello, graphic design majors! Interested in working in the marketing field? Here’s an internship that you may like:

D&E Marketing Group

Location: 252 W. 38th St.

                 New York, NY

Application Deadline: Available Year-round

Position: 50 Part-time, Unpaid

Description: This full-service fashion public relations and marketing agency is looking for excited graphic designers who will get the chance to work closely with their Creative Director to create marketing and sales presentations, look books, etc.
To apply: Submit your Resume with 2-4 samples of your best work, availability (days of week, and hours per day), and start date to: Erica@demarketinggroup.com. Check here for more deets! 

4) Madlex Inc

 Calling all business-related majors: Madlex Inc. may be a consideration for your next internship position. Here’s why:

Madlex Inc

Location: 110 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 101

                  Floral Park, NY

Application Deadline: April 30, 2013

Position: 5 Full-time, Paid

Timeframe: 05/01/13 — 05/01/13 (Flexible)

Description Madlex Inc. is offering full-time paid positions and paid business internships and is open to all majors, which include: Business, Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, Entrepreneurial, Management, Human Resources, Advertising, Sports Management and Administration. This internship gives interns the chance to work with all departments. Interns get the chance to taste different industries from retail, pro sports, cosmetics, home improvement, etc. If you’d like to get your feet wet in the marketing and advertising world, this is the place! 

To apply: Credit is not required but opportunity to earn a credit is offered! Submit your email (no attachments) with a subject that reads, “internship” to the HR dept LIAdvertising.NY@gmail.com.

5) Webster Hall

 Attention all editorial and journalism majors- if you love music and social media, this internship is waiting for you.

Webster Hall

Location: 125 East 11th St.

                  New York, NY

Application Deadline: May 10, 2013

Position: Part-time, Unpaid

Timeframe: 06/01/13 — 09/01/13 (Flexible)

Description: Webster Hall is calling creative minds who can think outside the box. Interns will help maintain the social media pages and interact with customers through various media platforms. Webster Hall is looking for interns who will attend concerts, and work with clients. If social media is your thing, this is the place, for they stress the skill in social media as a plus!

To apply: Sign up and apply on internships.com and get more info! 

6) Pyramid Consulting Group

 For all you accounting and finance majors this could your future internship position!

Pyramid Consulting Group

Location: 110 W. 40th Street

                  New York, NY

Application Deadline: April 29, 2013

Position: Part-time, Unpaid

Timeframe: 04/30/13 — ? (Flexible)

Description: This top NYC recruitment firm is recruiting accounting and finance interns for Spring/Summer 2013 who have a background in human resources, accounting and finance! Some responsibilities an intern would handle would include: research resumes and create recruiters through databases and job boards as well as scheduling interviews with candidates and assisting with special projects and other needed assignments.

To apply: Visit internships.com to sign up!

7) SnagFilms

Are you a film major and interested in a content production internship? Look no further.


Location: 665 Broadway

                 New York, NY

Application Deadline: No Deadline

Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid

Timeframe: 04/08/13 — 09/01/13 (Flexible)

Description: SnagFilms is an independent film distributor and a new kind of Media Company. As a Content Production Intern, you have the opportunity to implement your skills in technology and entertainment. You will get the chance to work with position is an opportunity to combine your love of technology with your love of entertainment. Your tasks can include: maintaining and organizing their partner database, assisting with the department on various projects, chapter films for advertising An ideal candidate will have experience with digital video production, graphic design, web publishing for an entertainment company, and/or digital asset management. 

To apply: Sign up on internships.com where you can apply and find out more.


Best of luck on your search, colliegiettes! For more information, check out sites like internships.com, wetfeet.com, Ed2010.com or internsushi.com. And don’t forget about the Hofstra Career Center. Its a helpful key in landing internships. Make an appointment to help prep you for the interview, spruce up your resume, or go in for some internship advice. Its never too late!

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