I got rid of Social Media for 48 Hours

Social media can get overwhelming, especially if you are going to school full time, intern and blog. Well, I decided that I was going to take a break from all of it for 48 hours to just relax and not be on my phone so much.

When I say I stayed off of social media, what I mean is that I didn’t use Instagram, Facebook*, Snapchat, Twitter or Pinterest (even though Pinterest isn't technically a social media site).  *I still used the Messenger app because my phone service is not that great and it's the only way that I can talk to my boyfriend and family. This wasn't an, " I didn't talk to anyone for 48 hours," It was just like using the message feature on your phone except with a different platform.

On the first day, it didn’t bother me because I caught up on homework and tried to get ahead on my blog since the more I can put that on autopilot, the better. As a blogger, that made it hard to stay off of social media because I have been trying to spend whatever time spent not doing school work or interning, on my blog because it is like my baby and social media is a huge part of that. After I got over that part, it was really nice though because I just found my phone to be ultimately useless. Other than playing an occasional game – since I had so much time for that now – I really felt like I didn’t need to have a phone at all. If I had no friends, family or a boyfriend, then I probably could have thrown it out the window and been fine.

I did find myself really bored at times, but it really put it into the perspective of how much time I ACTUALLY have in a day when I don’t use social media, so a lot!

Normally when I go on social media that are not for blogger purposes, I am just scrolling through my feed because I’m bored. Well now, I couldn’t even do that, and I was really bored – not that my social media is that entertaining to begin with.

Social media plays such a large roll in our everyday lives that it's important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Is there something that you have been dying to do, but keep saying you don’t have time? Well, the time is now.

I encourage you to take this challenge and get rid of social media for 48 hours. I mean 16 of them you’re supposed to be sleeping anyway so, it shouldn’t be THAT hard! Relax and put on a face mask, get ahead on school work, or even check out that burger spot that you have been dying to try.

What would you be doing right now if there were no social media?