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HU Style: Hat Attack!

Its wintertime and we all know what that means: fabulous boots, comfortable scarves and positively rockin’ hats! The girls around Hofstra University love their winter apparel, but the trend that seems to stand out the most this season is the widely popular “beanie.” There are tons of variations! Which style is your favorite?

1.      The Beanie

Beanies are all the rage around Hofstra University! With tons of colors and styles to choose from, you can’t go wrong wearing one!


Elyssa Hirsh: Sophomore ‘17

Hat: Michael Kors

2.     Oversized Pom-Pom Knitted Beanie

Here’s a variation on the girls’ favorite hat style for the winter. These Beanies are slightly oversized to create a comfortable look!

Sodasia Thompson: Freshman ‘18

Hat: Kohl’s Department Store

3.     Knitted Winter Hat with Ear Flaps and Tassels

Very similar to the Pom-Pom Beanie, this style also comes in a variety of patterns. Some brands have fur and others don’t. Either way, it’s still super cute!


      Jessica Coombs: Freshman ‘18

      Hat: Aerie for American Eagle Outfitters

4.     Fuzzy Beanie

This is yet another form of the popular beanie. Plenty of girls love them for the soft texture, which keeps their heads extra warm!



      Sarah Hysong: Freshman ‘18

      Hat: The North Face

5.     Knitted Beanie with Pom

This type of Beanie is all the rage this winter. Without being too large or too small, this Beanie is just right!


            Elyse Carmosino: Sophomore ‘17

            Hat: Forever 21

6.     Plain and Simple Knitted Beanie

To round up our beanie pageant, we have a very simple look. Without extravagant patterns or crazy pom-poms, these solid-colored beanies will steal your heart!

Alexandra Dombroski: Sophomore ‘17

Hat: Forever 21

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