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HU: Healthy University–No More Excuses–Exercise is a Must!

If you ever feel completely defeated before starting a workout, the time has come for you to abandon all of your excuses and get moving.  There is no longer a reason for the over-used excuse that there is nothing you can do about your weight, “It’s just genetics.”  A recent study has finally proved this theory completely wrong, and shows that even minimum movement will counteract whatever “fat genes” you have.

The study was conducted by the scientists at the Institute for Metabolic Research in the U.K.  Their results prove that people who harbor obesity genes, no matter how strong the influence in their DNA, can counter-act the effect of them.  More surprisingly, the people in the study could do this by even a moderate amount of exercise.  None of these people were running triathlons or living at the gym – even a 30-minute walk or gardening five times a week made a big difference.

Of course, in the next few months, the weather is going to take a drastic turn for the worst.  A very frigid, wet, snowy, windy worst.  A lot of activity is much easier and enjoyable in the warmer months, but there are plenty of ways to kick your obesity genes in the butt – all while tightening your own (butt, that is) even in the winter. 

Hofstra University is a great place to be in the winter.  If you think this statement is completely untrue, let me rephrase it: Hofstra University is a great place to work out in the winter.  The almost-brand-new workout facility is a prime reason why you can start your exercise routine now and go all the way until it’s sunny enough to take a walk outside again.  Not only is the Recreation Center geared up for the chilly months, but as the study shows, even moderate movement for thirty minutes is adequate enough.

With this in mind, why not do your workout in your dorm room?  There isn’t any need to go out and buy a workout DVD or some free-weights (but this also isn’t a bad idea) there are plenty of ways to move around on your own.  Do some standing lunges, jumping jacks, and crunches.  All of these movements added up will get you to your 30 minutes. 

The point is, there are no excuses left – everyone should be getting the right amount of exercise.  Once and for all, this study shows that no one has an excuse to not exercise anymore – not even the ones who have an excuse in their DNA.  If you think you have obesity genes, the longer you sit around blaming your weight on them, the heavier you are going to get.  The time to start exercising is now – that’s the good thing about working out: it’s never too late to start.

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