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How to Throw an Oscar’s Viewing Party

Just because you don’t have an invitation to one of the biggest star-studded award shows of the year, that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate entertainment’s biggest night in the luxury of your own home. All you need are a few close friends to invite over and then the night can get into full swing! Here’s what you do:

Dress Up and Roll Out the Red Carpet! With an invitation to your Oscars party ask your guests to dress there best. This can make use of those fancy dresses that are put to little use or can inspire a shopping day before the event where you and your friends can shop for each other’s perfect red carpet look. Maybe break out the Prom dress you only wore on Prom Night? Or something you wore to a past wedding you attended? Then at the end of the night everyone can hold an anonymous voting ballot to see who’s Best Dressed of the night.

And make sure you roll out a red blanket or rug you may own near the entrance to the party! This will definitely make everyone feel red carpet worthy. (Don’t forget cameras so you can take tons of fashion pictures!)

Watch the Show the Way The Stars Do! Why are you going to sit on couches or folding chairs in front of the television? That’s nothing like the way the stars watch the Academy Awards. Set up tables and chairs with tablecloths in front of the television and give everyone assigned seating! That’s the way it is for the celebrities watching the event. The actors and actresses normally sit according to the show or film they’re in, so perhaps your guests can be seated according to who’s on Team Clooney versus Team Pitt? Be Creative! 

Also don’t forget the dinner! Therefore it’s dinner and a show and not just watching television together. Have everyone bring a dish so all the cooking is not dumped on you and get up to get food buffet style during commercial breaks.

Don’t Leave Empty Handed!
So it sure is nice watching all these rich celebrities go home with awards and getting absolutely nothing, right? No Way! That’s why you and your friends can take ballots during commercial breaks for your own friend awards. Create your own categories - Such as: Biggest Gossiper, Best Listener, Most Comedic, or Biggest Drama Queen. 

It’s even possible to purchase awards online that look like Oscars but are obviously plastic. Wouldn’t watching the Oscars and then going home with one be pretty nice? I sure wouldn’t mind it.   


And that’s not all you can do. Be creative and create awesome invitations, cool decorations, or even just go get a mani/pedi before the big event. Make this Sunday a day to celebrate in pure Hollywood style. 

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