How To Stay Warm & Fashionable This Winter

For every fashionista out there, winter can be hard. It’s cold, it’s windy and there’s snow EVERYWHERE. Coming from the west coast, I was not familiar with these frigid winters so while I was used to wearing light jackets in the middle of February - that wouldn’t cut it in New York - I had to learn how to transform my wardrobe for the season to make sure I wouldn’t freeze my butt off! Here are some of my tips and tricks that I’ve learned to stay warm without sacrificing my ~style~

Unsplash //  Ren QingTao

Pile on the layers

Not only will more layers provide greater warmth for those chilly winter days, but layering can add a new dynamic to your wardrobe. My favorite layering combination is to first put on a thick, knitted sweater, throw on a flannel and to top it off, put on a leather jacket. I know when I leave my house, I will be warm and I was able to add a more ~moto chic~ vibe to my outfit for the day! However, layering doesn’t just have to be on top! Try putting on a pair of thick patterned leggings - I like to go with a knitted pattern - and then throw on my staple ripped jeans because even in the winter, I am determined to include ripped jeans into my wardrobe.

Unsplash // Tony Ross

Invest in quality coats

Although your outfit might be cute, you have to throw on a jacket so you don’t get hypothermia, which can be upsetting because my snow jacket pretty much ruined every outfit I wanted to wear! In order to solve this problem, I decided to invest in some trendy coats that were thicker so I could still feel fashionable without having to worry about my body temp. And by investing I do not mean spending THOUSANDS of dollars on fancy coats. I found some of my favorite trench coats from Forever 21 and ASOS, all for under $100 (talk about a steal!)

Unsplash // Hannah Grace

Blanket scarves are a lifesaver

Whoever came up with the concept of a blanket scarf: thank you. Especially this winter, I have found myself throwing on a blanket scarf pretty much every day! They are thick and keep you warm and who doesn’t want to feel like they are walking around with a blanket at all times? Plus, there are so many varieties of blanket scarves that they can suit any style.

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Accessories. Accessories. Accessories.

Not only are accessories fun and add a flare to any outfit no matter what the season is, but winter accessories just might be my favorite of all. You have beanies: they provide you with warmth for your ears and come in all different shapes and sizes. Plus, they save you when your hair is just not having it that day. You have gloves: I have found that as long as my hands are warm, it’s easier for me to pretend that I’m warm all over. Again, there are so many varieties of gloves out there - leather, knit, fleece - that they can help you out no matter the weather or style. The best part about these accessories is that they can be your “pop of color” for your outfit, which can always be a fun addition to a dreary winter day.

Unsplash // Megan Lewis

Socks and boots are crucial

Your favorite strappy sandals? Those will have to wait to leave the closet until it’s much warmer out! Like I had mentioned previously with my hands needing to always be warm, same goes with my toes. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone into the city with thin socks and thin shoes and the day being ruined because I was so cold. So, this year, I made sure that I got thicker socks, ones that will provide enough warmth for my feet so that I won’t feel as though my toes have fallen off and another crucial addition? Good. Boots. I am a huge advocate of booties during the winter season. With my thicker socks, they keep my feet warm all day long and I know I didn’t have to sacrifice my wardrobe while at it.