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How One Company Promotes Equality and Fights the Tampon Tax

Viagra is not taxed in America. Viagra is also not a necessity. Tampons and other feminine hygiene products, however, are taxed in 38 out of 50 states due to the fact that they are seen as a “luxury item.” As a young woman living in 2018, it seems astounding that a naturally occurring monthly cycle is still a largely taboo subject in a modernized society. There has been a small nudge within state legislation to change this patriarchal ideology, however, this small nudge will not make a large impact immediately.

This is where Cora comes in. Cora is a feminine hygiene company based in California that recognizes tampons as a necessity instead of a luxury item. Cora believes that all women, regardless of socioeconomic status, deserve equal and fair access to feminine hygiene products. The Californian company pays the tax on their tampons bought online instead of putting the burden on the customer. Cora offers monthly subscriptions for these products, and they are also available at Target.

Photo by Gabriella Craig

More importantly than being a feminine hygiene company, Cora is a company based on feminist activism that provides empowerment and education for women worldwide. When a consumer purchases a month’s worth of products, Cora donates a month’s supply of pads and health education to young girls in need.

Moreover, Cora partners with ZanaAfrica Foundation in Kenya, which aims to support adolescent girls by supplying reproductive health care as well as providing sanitary pads, and Aakar Innovations in India which produces affordable and environmentally friendly sanitary pads for women in India. Aakar also empowers local women in India by providing the resources for them to open and run the factories that produce these sanitary pads.

Cora’s influence on empowering women is also shown domestically. According to their website, 93% of the women Cora helps to employ are survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Cora aims to help educate women, and provide assistance that aides women in getting out of unfortunate circumstances. Furthermore, Cora partners with nonprofits in the United States to provide period products to the 25 million women living under the poverty line who do not have access to consistent products.


Photo by Gabriella Craig

The tampon tax needs to be eliminated as it’s existence only continues to perpetuate the socioeconomic inequality seen between men and women. Cora’s generosity and support of women worldwide showcases the strides which need to be taken in order to come to full equality of the genders.

If you would like to learn more about the company, or you would like to try it out, you may do so here: https://cora.life

Gabriella is a senior Public Relations major and Political Science minor at Hofstra University. She is a member of WRHU 887. FM and Alpha Epsilon Phi. Gabriella would like to work as a lobbyist focusing on educational and women's rights.
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