How to Meet Celebrities in NYC

Living in New York City all of my life, I have had more experiences than some people will ever have in their lifetime. Because NYC is one of the biggest cities in the world, many celebrities travel there to promote various projects. Whether this means going to different radio stations, news channels, or having CD and book signings, NYC is filled with opportunities to see stars. I have been able to meet many of my favorite celebrities and want to give you some tips to help you meet some of your favorites too!


Television/Radio Stations


When celebrities travel to NYC, they usually do so to promote their latest project. This often times entails appearing on television shows such as “The View,” “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan,” “TRL,” etc. Waiting outside of the places where these shows film is one of the easiest ways to meet celebrities as they are going to be the most receptive to greeting fans to acquire positive publicity. Make sure to look up what time and where the shows film and plan to arrive at least 2 to 3 hours prior to catch the stars arrive for their appearance. These show locations are usually filled with many paparazzi waiting to capture shots of the celebrities, so find a spot right behind the barricade to increase your likelihood of snapping a photo with your favorite star!




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NYC is home to many famous music venues and arenas, such as Radio City Musical Hall and Madison Square Garden. When most musicians go on tour, it is almost 100% certain that NYC is going to be one of their tour stops. Most musicians sell VIP packages which include the opportunity to meet them. Although these packages can be costly, they are worth it as one is able to actually talk to the star instead of taking a rushed selfie. If you are unable to afford this luxury, most venues in the city have back entrances, often located around the corner, where the stars enter and exit the venue. Most fans do not know about these entrances, so waiting near them is one of the easiest ways to grab a quick photo with your favorite band.


Book/CD Signings


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When stars release a new book or CD, they often go on multiple city book/CD signing tours to promote their projects. Book and music stores such as Barnes & Nobles and FYE often host events that allow fans to meet their favorite stars for the price of the book or CD. The tricky part about these types of events is that there is usually a limited number of wristbands distributed. The most effective way to ensure receiving a wristband is to line up about 2 to 3 hours ahead of distribution time. Be sure to call the store prior to the event for further information and/ or for the exact number of wristbands that will be distributed so you can gage an idea of how long in advance you should arrive. These stores’ websites often have the information listed as well as a phone number. I have had the opportunity to meet several celebrities at these types of events such as Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, and One Direction for under $30. These events are worth the money if you are willing to wait for what can be often several hour lines.