How to Keep a Healthy Relationship

Love is not just about the dates and the affection but it about the work that you put into the relationship. According to, communication is one of the main keys to maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. When entering a relationship, it is important to know your expectations and your partner’s expectations for each other. If something is bothering you, it is important to speak up and let your partner know what is on your mind but you must also be willing to compromise in situations. Also, be supportive of each other through hardships and respect each other’s opinions and feelings. When your partner understands that you are listening to them then the relationship will run smoother. 

Spending time without your partner is key. While hanging out with your partner is always fun it is also just as important to have your own time. Some activities that you could do is having “me time”, going out with your friends, or just participating in hobbies that you enjoy. Also, having boundaries within a relationship is extremely vital. You should not be pressured to share passwords to email, phone, or to your social media. Your partner should be able to respect your privacy and also trust you within the relationship. Without respect and trust, the relationship will feel as if you’re constantly walking on eggshells. 

Spice up your relationship! When things become too monotonous within your relationship it could feel as if the relationship has become boring. Try new things instead of going on the same dates every night. Maybe go out to a new restaurant, try a new hobby, or just do something that you both enjoy together. You could also change things up intimately with your partner. Experimenting with your partner in the bedroom could add an extra spark to your relationship. These little things will help boost your relationship and make the relationship feel more on track. 


All of these aspects go into having a healthier relationship with your partner. It may seem like a ton of work but that’s what it means to be with someone you care about. Within a relationship, there is a balance of work and fun that allows the relationship to remain steady. If your partner is not putting in the work it is important to take time to figure out the problems. Seeking help to improve your relationship is not a terrible thing to do. In fact, it just might be the thing that will save your relationship. Try talking to your partner or even try to a couple’s therapist to work out your problems. But if you do not see your needs being met then maybe that relationship is not healthy for you. If you believe that you are in an unhealthy relationship then you can take this quiz on in order to find out. And remember, love is not perfect but if you put in the effort then the rewards will be plenty. 


Cover Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash