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How to Help a Friend Who is in an Abusive Relationship

Seeing someone go through an abusive relationship seems scary and almost feels like you can’t do anything to help. There are steps to take to help, and thought they may seem small, they can play a major impact on helping yourself, your friend or anyone you know in an abusive relationship to find help safely.

The first step is to make time and find a safe place to talk to your friend or find someone who you can trust, like a counselor. You want to be patient, supportive and acknowledge their feelings and decisions. Also, you want to make sure the person you are helping understands that their relationship is not healthy. If they are afraid of leaving or communicating with their partner, you should let him or her know of the resources they can use. Try finding a local domestic violence safety center or go to Loveisrespect.org. They offer a 24/7 hotline where you can communicate either by calling 1-866-331-9474 or texting “Love” to 22522.

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Everyone deserves a healthy and non-violent relationship, and it’s important that your friend who may be experiencing abuse knows that. You should never put the blame or guilt on your friend, because it may not be immediately clear that she or he is being abused. Also, encourage your friend to do things outside of the relationship such as being with family or friends. Always continue to offer your support.


Photo courtesy of Pexels

In situations like this, you don’t want your friend to feel alone. You should continue to communicate with them and help them find resources for their benefit.

This article was written in partnership with DoSomething.org’s 1 in 5 campaign.

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