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How To Get An On-Campus Job

On-campus jobs are the best kind of jobs a college student can have. First of all, because you are working for your college, your boss/manager knows that you are, first and foremost, a student. Most on-campus jobs are extremely flexible when it comes to letting you choose your own hours, because they know you are working around class time. If you get really lucky, you may be able to get a job that allows you to actually get your homework done during slow periods of your shift.

The only truly difficult part of an on-campus job is actually securing one. I am currently a sophomore, and throughout my entire freshman year I tried to get a job with no luck. I adopted some new strategies for the job hunt this year, and I am proud to say that I just worked my first shift for the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs. So what can you do to get ahead of the competition for an on campus job? Here’s what worked for me:
1.     Start off on the Hofstra website.
If you go anywhere to inquire about getting a job at Hofstra, you will be advised to go to Human Resources. Save yourself the trip, because all Human Resources can tell you is to check the student job listings on the Hofstra website. Click on “Current Jobs”, and it will take you to login to your portal to view the job listings. This is a good first step, as it lists a variety of student jobs and who to contact to apply. Apply for every job that you are eligible for, not just the ones that sound easiest. Jobs go extremely quickly, so you can’t afford to be picky.
2.     Federal Work Study vs. Regular Undergrad Jobs
Students who have Federal Work Study (FWS) have first priority for many jobs on campus. To be eligible for FWS, you must indicate interest in your financial aid application. If you did not get FWS in your financial aid package this year, you can go to Student Financial Services and try to request it there. However, they may put you on a waiting list or simply deny your request. If you don’t have work-study, it’s absolutely still possible to get an on-campus job; you just need to prepare for the fact that you may have to search harder. When applying, make sure you are always clear about if you have work-study or not. The worst thing is to be offered a job, and then find out you can’t take it because it is only for FWS students.
3.     Be Persistent.
I have to owe this most important advice to my dad, who constantly repeated it to me my freshman year. I didn’t realize how aggressive I needed to be with my job search until I actually did it and got the results I wanted. Sometimes you just have to be the girl that won’t go away. If you haven’t heard from a potential employer a week after applying, call them and ask about the job. Or even better than calling, go speak to them in person. Twice. Also, don’t just rely on the job listings on the Hofstra website, because not every job on campus is listed there. Dedicate a day to just walking to different offices around campus and asking about student jobs: the library, the career center, public safety, and the fitness center all have student workers. Does the English Department office need an Office Assistant? What about the Office of Student Leadership and Activities? The Office of Admissions? Hofstra University is a big place with more offices and departments than a lot of us probably realize, so if you really dig, you are bound to find someone who will hire you. 
It also definitely helps to get a jump on the job search before everyone else. So if you are unsuccessful this semester, don’t let it discourage you. There may be new openings next semester after some students graduate or go abroad, so try and get in contact with employers again before the new semester starts. Good luck!

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