How to Beat That Mid Semester Slump

I understand the mid-semester slump like no other. Every weekend I set out to do all of my homework and yet somehow seem to only get about half of it done. Even writing this article was a struggle. I had to write it in the middle of the night because I procrastinated writing it for so long and still needed to make my deadline. Everyone struggles with the dreaded mid-semester slump, so here are a few tips to beat that and finish your semester strong.


Actually set times for when you will do your homework

Just writing out a general to-do list does not cut it during your mid-semester slump. Pull out your planner, find the breaks in your days and weekends, and set aside certain hours to do each individual assignment. It is hard to avoid an assignment when it is staring at you from the pages of your calendar.

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Procrastinate productively

If you are going to procrastinate school work do something like going to the gym, doing your laundry, or reading a book that might not be for class. These activities may not help your schoolwork directly but they have other positive outcomes that help you to succeed as a student.  

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Study somewhere other than your room

Pick a location that you can really buckle down in and get your work done. This may be the library, a computer lab or a lounge but head over and try studying in one to get your studies on a roll.

Apply for an internship or job

These are a necessary experience for any college student to succeed. Everyone needs money to spend on textbooks, broken laptops and gas to visit your parents. Take the time to get back on your feet and get a job or internship to help you gain the necessary life skills to be hired sometime down the road.

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Grab a friend to help motivate you

If all else fails and you cannot self-motivate grab a friend and study with them. Sometimes it takes the slightly judgmental eyes of your best friend who saw you check your phone six times in the last ten minutes to get you to really get down to it and study.

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Everyone at Her Campus Hofstra understands that we all can fall into a rut mid-semester. So hopefully you can take some of our advice and push through this slump and get on to passing your finals with flying colors.