Horoscopes for the Week of May 7-13

See what the stars have in store for the second week of May as Mercury moves into Taurus!

Aries- An ongoing project that you have been working on should run smoothly this week. Whatever it may be will come to a happy conclusion. Try not to be too independent this week, Ram. Although you can be known for your independence, remember that your friends and family are there for an emotional support. Don’t take on too much by yourself.

Taurus- You may be feeling unsure and forgotten about in your relationships and group of friends. You may be having difficulty connecting with the people in your life, or even feeling pessimistic about humanity in general. Even if you’re frustrated, do not become a hermit. Go out and try to spend time with those closest to you. If you still feel left out, self-care should be a huge priority.

Gemini- You may start this week feeling aimless and unmotivated. Your energy is definitely low, but you have a lot to do. Do allow yourself to escape your responsibilities. Don’t stretch yourself too thin, but don’t give up either. Balance your work and do as much as you can while leaving time for you to rest. Try to do something creative just for fun as this might spark your motivation.   

Cancer- This week, you may encounter someone who you feel is on the same wavelength as you, but it turns out you misjudged them. This person might’ve made you feel like you had to sacrifice too much for them, and this is not good for you. Don’t feel like you have to save them, because you definitely do not. You will let loose and have fun with close friends this week, as well.

Leo- This week, it may feel like you are going about your week doing the same thing every day. Your weekdays are filled with obligations and chores, and you are getting tired of that. Complete these tasks nobly anyway, someone in power may be impressed with your work ethic and this will count for a lot later on. 

Virgo- You may be feeling like you cannot read the reactions of the people around you. You aren’t sure how everyone feels about you and it is making you feel insecure. Try not to get too hung up on what others think of you. An exciting experience is coming your way this week and you may even be going on a trip out of town. 

Libra- A recent conversation may have left you feeling confused and worried about the state of a close relationship. A somewhat small issue may have blown up and turned into a more complex argument that you and your partner are still thinking about. This week, you will have the chance to talk again about this issue and figure out why exactly this is a problem. Be sure to talk it through thoroughly and allow yourself to be heard.

Scorpio- This week, you may begin to look at someone through rose-colored glasses and misread their true self. You are craving closeness with this person, so you have put them on a pedestal, ignoring their flaws. Try to remember that this person is not perfect and you will may go on to have a great week with them if you remember this.

Sagittarius- This week, you may not feel fully secure in one of your relationships. This may have you feeling disappointed in another person. Because of this, self-care is your priority this week. When you schedule your week, be sure to keep some alone time for yourself and do things that make you happy.

Capricorn- Miscommunication will be a large theme of this week for you. This can be between coworkers, friends, family or all of the above; and this will leave you frustrated. Do not let these miscommunications get the best of you, stay in contact with those closest to you and work things out when needed.

Aquarius- You have been very giving in the past few weeks while soothing the nerves of loved ones. You have acted as a mentor to those closest to you, but now you may be in need of the mentoring of those around you. Don’t hesitate to reach out. If you need advice, your loved ones are always there.

Pisces: You will be tempted to become an escapist this week and overindulge in these pleasures. Eating and drinking are just a few of these pleasures that you might just give in to. Don’t allow yourself to completely escape your responsibilities. Only allow yourself to give in a few times this week and be sure to complete your work.