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Horoscopes for the Week of March 19-25

The emotional rollercoaster that is Pisces Season, is finally coming to an end.  Now we must restart and get ready for this new beginning. Check our your horoscope for the beginning of Aries Season! 


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Aries- Last week might’ve been a very hectic week for you.  However, this week you should be operating on a very calm vibe.  You should be feeling confident and good about yourself and your talents. There will be an opportunity for you this week to display your talents and get the credit you have always deserved. This week, you may also hear gossip about someone you know very well. No matter what you hear, you know better. Don’t let gossip alter your perception of this person and don’t engage in the drama. 


Taurus- Many exciting opportunities are coming your way this week. You may have been feeling that your luck has been changing for the better recently, and you are correct. Do not hesitate when these chances come to you— take them. Seize all of the opportunities that are coming your way this week and do so with confidence. You will not regret any of the chances you take this week, because they will bring you success. Accept change and stay confident this week.


Gemini- This week, you may have found yourself in a position of leadership and it is up to you if you want to continue. You should keep this position as you will find it to be enjoyable and you will learn a lot from the experience. The people closest to you may seem very needy this week, as it seems like everyone wants something from you. Try to help your loved ones, but do not lose sight of yourself this week.  You have your own obligations to deal with.


Cancer- This week, you may find yourself stressed over a change in a relationship. This may not even be a romantic relationship, but one that is close to your heart. The change came about quickly, and you have a feeling you are in the right between the both of you. The issue that has come about is probably something that has been evolving, but has just finally reached the surface.  Rather than let yourself get sick with worry about the drama, go on with your daily routine and talk things out when you are both ready. The rest of this week could be quite happy for you, if you do so.


Leo- You should begin this week trying to rediscover an old talent or interest. Rediscovering this old hobby will make you so much happier and pursuing it will be instrumental in maintaining your well-being. Physical fitness will also be an important outlet for you this week, as it will help you let out stress. By getting your endorphins flowing, you will be happier and have a clearer mind.



Virgo- This week, you will be faced with a lot of drama. A lot is going on in your life, and the people in your life feel as though they should step in and give you advice. This will get frustrating for you, because it seems as though everyone else knows what is best for you but you already know what you want. Stay kind to the those close to you, but stay true to your heart and make the decisions you want to make. Remember to find the humor in everything occurring around you, this will brighten your week and remind you that nothing is that serious.


Libra- A person who you are not so fond of may appear in your life again this week. However, this person may become an ally this week, as you will team up in some sort of project or adventure.  Let bygones be bygones and enjoy this experience. In the middle of the week, you may find yourself behind on deadlines and responsibilities that you take very seriously. Stay calm and focused, because you will find a way to get it all done. Once you complete all of your work, reward yourself.


Scorpio- Early in the week, you may receive an offer from someone to join them on a project or venture. This is something that will lift your spirits and help you learn, so definitely say yes. In the middle of the week, a person in your life may come to you and explain that they feel you do not see them enough and that they would like to hang out more. This is someone who is a positive source of support and you should definitely make an effort to keep seeing them. 


Sagittarius- Last week, you may have gotten yourself in a predicament with someone and it still has not been straightened out. You may be feeling stuck, but you have to put a stop to this and fix this problem as soon as possible. Reach out to this person and resolve your issues.  You have to make a decision about a large purchase this week. Although this may seem stressful, you will realize that this is something you need to do. It will all work out in the end.


Capricorn- This week, you might be very distracted by things occurring around you. Be careful about getting too wrapped up in them. Stay focused and concentrate on your work. That is what is most important this week. There also may be drama in the workplace, as you and a co-worker might butt heads over a project. Remember to be stalwart and stand up for yourself. Listen to their point of view, but stick to your own values.


Aquarius- You may be starting this week feeling cynical, and that nothing is really going right for you. You are also feeling skeptical towards a certain person in your life because of everything that you are feeling. Remember that you cannot judge this person too harshly just because you are feeling off this week. Do not lose your trust in this person, you should always assume the best in people until you learn otherwise.


Pisces- You should be feeling happier and confident this week. As the week progresses, you will continue to feel stronger and stronger. Use this good energy to explore the opportunities that come your way this week. Get in touch with the people who are closest to you and let yourself have fun on top of getting your work done this week. An old romantic interest may seek you out as well, this could be very good for you if you accept this person back into your life.

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