Holiday Gift Guide: For Girlfriends

Christmas is right around the corner and everyone is trying to figure out gifts for their loved ones. To help all of the significant others out there, here is a small holiday gift guide for the girlfriend! These gifts range from makeup to special events planned for two. You'll be sure to find something that your girlfriend will love here. 



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One of the easiest gifts to give your girlfriend is a total makeup kit. Girls are always in need of some new makeup so here are a few additions that you could make to her makeup bag. An eyeshadow palette is one of the best additions to a girl’s makeup collection. Urban Decay’s latest release “Naked Heat Palette” has a wide variety of warm colors that will make your girlfriend sparkle this holiday season. This palette is at a fair price of $54 and is a hot ticket item this holiday season. Highlighter is also one of the hottest makeup additions this year and you can get Becca’s “Glow on the Go” highlighter set for $20 dollars. This set comes with a liquid highlighter and a pressed highlighter in two different shades; Opal and Champagne Pop. Other simple gifts include liquid lipstick by ColourPop for $6 each! That way you can grab a wide range of lipsticks for stocking stuffers this holiday season. 



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Jewelry is on the most popular gifts for boyfriends to get girlfriends during the holiday season. It’s a simple way to show the person you care about how much you love them. A necklace is a great gift to give a girlfriend because it’s something she can wear everyday. My boyfriend gave me a simple necklace with a charm that I wear every single day. Pandora has a wide variety of necklaces and charms at fairly good prices that will fit your girlfriend’s personality. Also, another gift you can get from Pandora are their famous charm bracelets. At Pandora you can get a nice bracelet with a large selection of charms that they can swap out depending on their mood. They even have holiday themed charms that are perfect for the winter. Either way, you’ll be finding a great gift that your partner will wear daily.  


Spa Kit

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Leading up to the holidays is a very stressful time for students and for those in the workforce. A great gift for your girlfriend would be a spa kit to help them unwind during their short break. Bath and Body Works offers an amazing line of aromatherapy collections that can make a gift basket perfect. Their line includes Recharge, Stress Relief, Sleep, Energy, Focus, Comfort and Happiness. All of these scents come in body bars, body lotions, body wash and foaming baths, body scrubs, body butters, candles, and even so much more. You can get her a collection of all one scent or even mix it up. With this wide selection you can’t go wrong choosing a gift. 


Tickets to an Event

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While giving a gift for your girlfriend to enjoy is great, there are gifts that you can enjoy together. Getting tickets to an event is a great way to surprise your girlfriend and there are a wide range of events that could be going on in your area. You can grab tickets for a concert, for a museum event, a Broadway musical, or even a local event in your area. The possibilities are endless! And your girlfriend will love it because she will get to enjoy the gift by your side. 

Hopefully this helps you find a wonderful gift for your girlfriend this holiday season. But it really does not matter the gift that you give but the thought and energy you put into it that makes it meaningful. Whatever you decide to get her, she will love it and her love for you will grow further. Happy Holidays!

Cover Photo by Roberto Nickson.