Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

I LOVE Christmas and the holiday season and my favorite present to give during this glorious holiday are gift baskets. I have been doing gift baskets for everyone in my family for years. They are so easy to put together and so much better than individual presents! Here are some great basket ideas you can replicate this year.

For the Baker/Cooker

Everyone has that one person in their family who loves to bake. There are so many ways you can make a gift basket with cooking and baking supplies. You could even use a crockpot as the “basket” and put everything else inside. Try to include items like oven mitts and other utensils— the opportunities are endless!

For the Makeup Lover

Whether it is your best friend, your sister, or even your mom, this basket is sure to please. Throw some of their favorite makeup brands in a basket and call it a day. While just any gift basket with makeup will suffice, this is a cute idea that may inspire you to go above and beyond.


For the Wine Lover 

I don’t know about you, but my mom absolutely loves wine. Whether I am getting her a wine glass, a decanter, or even a DIY mat made out of wine corks, she is sure to love anything wine related.


For the Spa Girl

Who doesn’t love a nice face mask and bath bombs? No one! Any woman (or even men) in your life should be super happy with a pair of soft slippers and some self-care items!


For the Fitness Fanatic

You can even make a fitness basket by filling a sports bag with a water bottle and maybe even a yoga mat. 

The possibilities are endless!