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Hofstra’s Coolest Study Abroad Opportunities

Studying abroad is supposed to be one of the most exciting opportunities that we have as college students. Anyone with a Facebook has definitely noticed a trend in their newsfeed: semesters in Rome, London and Paris. These cities are beautiful and I’m eternally jealous of my friends that get to spend periods of their time there, but it begs the question; are there places to study abroad besides these beautiful European cities? Hofstra’s study abroad website says yes.

6. Belize

While learning marine biology in the Gittleson aquarium is fun (it’s real!), nothing beats snorkeling on the largest barrier reef in the Atlantic. Unlike many other places on this list, English is the official language of Belize. The program runs during the January session and boasts excursions to Mayan ruins and rafting through caves.

5. India

The second most populous country in the world is known for its geographic diversity and vibrant culture. Hofstra has a relationship with the University of Hyderabad and sends students every spring semester through the Asian Studies program in the Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Learn about the Indian language, politics, and the caste system at one of India’s top universities in its southern region. I would go for the naan and chicken masala alone.

4. Japan

Hofstra offers a three-week summer program in Japan. Students have the opportunity to stay overnight in a temple, make udon-noodles (yum), and interact with local college students in Tokyo and Hachinohe.

3. China

Hofstra actually has two programs in China, one through the business school and another through the school of liberal arts, both during the summer. Both explore the cities of Shanghai and Beijing, with the Zarb program offering international business classes and liberal arts exploring the language, literature, and history of China. Shanghai has been called the New York City of China, an especially ideal location for business students that will be visiting retail powerhouses like Walmart.  

2. The European Odyssey

One of the few European study abroad opportunities that made the cut for coolest trips that Hofstra offers. While some popular (read: expected) cities are included on the Odyssey, some of Europe’s less explored places as well as nearby countries are included. Visit places like Morocco, Turkey, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. The European Odyssey is one of Hofstra’s most popular study abroad programs and with good reason; a ten week road trip through Europe? Count me in.

1. Cuba

Topping out the list of the coolest programs at Hofstra is the newest addition: a trip to Cuba. The States has had a trade embargo against Cuba since 1960 so few Americans have had the opportunity to experience its rich culture. Hofstra is one of the only universities in the nation to be allowed to send students to Cuba and the first group will be heading to the island nation this January. Students will have the opportunity to explore Havana, tour a rum factory, and visit the more rural mountain region.

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