Hofstra, Let’s Talk About It: First Kiss

In today’s society, women often feel that they should not talk about sex. This can lead women to feel embarrassed or unsure of themselves when something unexpected happens. Through Hofstra, Let’s Talk About It, you will read real accounts from real college students. We are all going through the same experiences, why not talk about them?

As someone who has watched many romantic comedies, I can say without a doubt that first kisses in rom-coms are completely overhyped. Many women growing up, myself included, watched movies with female protagonists having an awesome first kiss with her love interest and hope that they will have a similar experience. But here’s the thing: that doesn't always happen. Although it can be good, your first-ever kiss will most likely not be what you saw in movies growing up.

Today, I asked Her Campus members to tell the story of their first kiss:

“Halloween 2011: I invited my crush to come trick or treating with me and my friends. We snuck away from them to kiss (the first time for both of us!) behind another house. It was awful, and I thought I might not like him as much anymore. ”

  • Ali, Senior

“I was 14 and it was outside of my grandma’s house, so they were very innocent circumstances.”

  • Kim, Senior

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“It’s crazy because the first time I really kissed someone was my senior year in high school. He ended up being my first kiss and everything else.”

  • Anonymous, Senior

“It was freshman year of high school and this boy asked me to be his girlfriend a week earlier, but I was wondering why he hadn't kissed me yet. Turns out he was just nervous, and he ended up kissing me in the middle of our cast party for our high school show, Aladdin.”

  • Amanda, Junior

“I was 16 and I wasn't out of the closet yet so she kissed me in my driveway after our high school homecoming football game. Honestly, it was super sweet, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.”

  • Laramie, Freshman

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“I haven’t had my first kiss yet.”

  • Tyler, Freshman

“My boyfriend at the time and I were saying goodbye at the end of a date at the metro. A street performer was playing guitar and the timing just felt right. No complaints! :)”

  • Kaylyn, Sophomore

“I was at my best friend's 13th birthday party at her house. There were probably close to 70 people there, all kids from our class, all middle schoolers lol. We were dancing and partying in the basement, and I happened to be "dating" this kid who was about a foot taller than me. The whole night, he was conspiring with his friends about how he was going to kiss me. About an hour into the night, it was getting so irritating to have everyone looking at me, expecting us to kiss, so I found him and said "so...". He decided that that was the moment, and he pinned me against the wall with his long ass arms, looked deep into my eyes, said "Madie, I love you" and then kissed me. More like put his lips on mine. I counted to three seconds in my head, didn't move my mouth at all, then slid down the wall I was pinned against and ran away. I then screamed in the bathroom. His lips were so dry I had dry skin on my face. True fact.”

  • Madie, Sophomore

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“In a hallway in the seventh grade.”

  • Sara, Senior

“I was in eighth grade and I was dating this guy who was in a play with me at a local theater. I wanted my first kiss to be a big deal, and he'd been wanting to kiss me for weeks at that point and was getting a little restless. We were backstage behind the curtain and it was cute, it was dark and there were fairy lights strung everywhere. He asked me if I wanted to kiss him, I told him I wanted to wait, and then he kissed me anyway.”

  • Melanie, Sophomore

“I was 15 and my now boyfriend, then crush, came over to my house as a 'second date' type of thing. We wanted to hang out and watch a movie, so we rented Bridesmaids and sat on my couch in the living room. My mom left to go to the grocery store and a few minutes later he looked at me and then we both decided to kiss each other. It was very cute and still makes me smile! After he left my mom said 'well did he kiss you or what??" which makes her the coolest mom ever. “

  • Gia, Junior

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“I haven’t had one!”

  • Bella, Freshman

“I was 13, I was at my best friend’s house and we were watching movies and he just kissed me in the middle of one of them? It was so weird and cold and I just hated every second of it.”

  • Anonymous, Freshman

“My first kiss was with my boyfriend from high school. The first time we hung out before we started dating, we were at his house watching a movie. At some point during the movie, he turned to me and asked if he could kiss me. I said yes and we kissed. He then asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes.”

  • Emily, Sophomore

“It was during my freshman year of college. We were parked in his car in a random neighborhood near Hofstra, he leaned in but I rejected the first time because I was so nervous. He tried again and he gently gave me a peck and then it led into a longer kiss.”

  • Anonymous, Sophomore

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If you are worried about your first kiss or anxious that it won’t go well, do whatever feels right. If it goes well, that’s awesome! But if it didn't go well or are afraid it’s never going to happen, just realize that your first-ever kiss isn’t as momentous as everyone likes to think they are and it will happen when it is supposed to.