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From Hofstra to Hostel: Social Media Accounts to Follow Before You Go Abroad!

When it comes to study abroad, rather than looking up what Google tells you are the top destinations in your country of choice, look at social media! You already have the accounts so it’s easy to see as they update and note places that look interesting and others have reviewed. In the visual age today, realistically we know you’re going abroad for the eye-catching experience!


Travel and Leisure



Bio: Travel + Leisure The World’s Leading Travel Magazine Brand. Terms: tandl.me/socialmedia.


This account is submission based so it has a variety of pictures sent in from any of their contributors. The advantage of this is that the destination pictures they receive are from normal everyday people meaning they should be easily accessible today. A tip because I was initially confused is the locations are labeled above and the submitters are credited in case you choose to look at the original sources’ Instagram.

American Girls Guide



Bio: The ultimate guide to study abroad in Europe ✈ feat. your all American girl [email protected] Twitter @americagrlguide americangirlsguide.com

This account is made for specifically for study abroad purposes. All those instagrammable moments you’ve wanted to replicate she has them! This would be the perfect account for all of you Hofstra students going to Venice this upcoming winter. She does venture to other countries, as you should too, but primarily this is a great opportunity to explore Italy before you arrive!


World of Wonderlust


If you’re looking for the experienced travel vlogger, you’ve found her! This girl compartmentalizes everything you need in a simple structure that will make you feel extra prepared. Yes she is meant to help mainly those who are travelling lost souls but when it comes to specific areas you may be curious about, packing or simply the validation that the semester is worth it Brooke can help you out!


Travel Bugs

You should follow this account for multiple reasons. For those of you traveling to obscure destinations in South Asia, South America or Australia this couple has done most of their backpacking adventures here meaning you can figure out excursions based on affordability. The other reason to follow them is because relationship goals and I hope you find someone abroad to share the journey with!

Tumblr: If Instagram and YouTube wasn’t enough feel free to visit these accounts as well to get some more inspiration!




~Safe Travels



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