Hofstra Community Pulls Together Post-Sandy


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, all hands are on deck here at Hofstra to help in recovery and rehabilitation efforts.

Personal emails from administrators like President Stuart Rabinowitz and Provost Herman Berliner have expressed empathy and outreach to anyone in need. Professors have granted pardons to any students, especially commuters, who are still unable to travel to classes.

Senior Joe Moncada, 21, commutes from Elmont, NY and has resorted to taking public transportation, taxicabs and even walking in order to make it on campus.

“It definitely puts into perspective how easy we have it sometimes, how much we value something as simple as gas” said the Spanish education major. “We complain about little things like prices but as soon as its gone, we see how instrumental it is”.

Additionally, Hofstra’s Residential Life Office announced that they are holding an emergency blood drive during this week’s common hour and on-going supply drive to assist anyone in Hempstead or the surrounding areas.

“We are working with the Long Beach distribution network, an informal network bringing food and supplies into central Long Beach and managed by the City of Long Beach. They are asking for non-perishable food items” explained Res Life in a press release.

Many of those in the Hofstra University’s network; students, faculty and staff alike, have suffered great losses in the wake of the disaster dubbed “Frankenstorm” on social media networks.

Here on Long Island, its been reported that houses as close as East Meadow and Massapequa have been flattened and some residents in Hempstead, NY are still without power.

(A full week of no classes and non-stop snacking was heaven but seeing boarded up business and cars waiting in gas lines down the Hempstead turnpike…not so much).

If you want to learn more about how to get involved with the recovery efforts, visit http://www.hofstra.edu/home/news/news_sandy.html#drive