Here's How to Change Up Your Skincare Routine for Winter

Goodbye festive fall, hello winter wonderland. The winter is right around the corner and everyone is trying to get cozy with some hot chocolate and very fashionable teddy bear coats. In the wintertime, the skin becomes very dry making it difficult to pull off some amazing makeup looks. Everyday Health reports, “when the air outside is cold and dry, the water in your skin evaporates more quickly; this makes your skin feel dry and tight and makes it look flaky.” 

Switching your skincare routine for winter is the best way to help your skin assimilate to the new weather, here are some of the top ways to take care of your skin.


  1. 1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

    It is key to have hydrating products within your skincare regimen for the wintertime. The skin tends to crack because of the immediate reaction to the colder weather. Hydrating facial creams will be your best friend during the winter. Many brands are sold at drugstores that cater to specific skin types. Neutrogena has an entire skincare line that focuses on hydrating the skin with non-comedogenic ingredients that do not clog up your pores. Moisturized skin will lead to easy makeup applications and can prevent the early stages of aging. 

  2. 2. Say "goodbye" to harsh exfoliants

    Exfoliating your skin is a no-no without the correct products. Brush cleaners are fun to incorporate within your daily skincare routine but should not be used frequently during the wintertime. The skin is on the verge of flakiness in the winter and does not need to be stripped of the natural oils that seal in moisture. Be wary of exfoliating your skin with non-winter friendly products because they can ultimately dry out your face. Some products can be used such as face masks which can help you maintain your skin impurity-free and help moisturize. Target has an abundant amount of sheet mask selection including Leaders Detox and Chill charcoal and purifying face mask which is priced at about $4.99.

  3. 3. Use sunscreen

    Even though the sun doesn't radiate heat during the winter it is important to maintain a daily application of sunscreen. The sun's rays are powerful enough during the winter and many forget that it is essential to use SPF. Products like moisturizers can contain SPF and are easier to incorporate into a daily skin regimen. Don't forget to protect yourself from sun damage to prevent premature aging.  

  4. 4. Use lip balm

    Cracked lips are typical in the wintertime and in order to put an end to such it is important to treat your lips. Lip care treatment is just as important because the skin is so delicate and is easily affected by the cold weather. Heathline reports, "lips don't contain oil glands making them more susceptible to drying out and becoming chapped." The cold temperature can dry out your lips drastically if not taken care of properly. Glamglow has an incredible range of beauty products but their lip conditioning treatments are essential for the winter. The PoutMud is a favorite amongst the brand and is accessible anywhere. 

Changing up your skincare routine for the wintertime is not too hard, just try to incorporate hydrating products. The products mentioned above are going to help maintain a winter-friendly daily skin regimen during the coldest days.