Here's How to Balance Finals while Still Having Fun

It’s the end of the semester, and while children and families are busy getting in the holiday spirit, college students are hustling before finals week. While this is a stressful time of year, there is still an opportunity to enjoy yourself during finals season. Check out Her Campus Hofstra's tips below to have fun during finals week.

Set plans

Just because it is finals week does not mean you have to stay in your room like a hermit for seven days straight. Plan something with friends, whether it’s a few hours to treat yourself to food off-campus, a movie night or something else you can enjoy. This will not only give yourself time to relax your mind, but it will help you organize and manage your time.

You time

Carve a little time out of each day to pamper yourself during finals week. Try a face mask, painting your nails or writing affirmations in a journal to give yourself some well-deserved self-love during this demanding time.  “I often take breaks during finals week,” said Jenn Weltner, a senior at Hofstra University. “A face make is usually part of those breaks.”

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Study in blocks

Studying in blocks requires you to study hard for a set amount of time, and then give yourself a fun small break. Take your break time to call a friend, post your latest Instagram-worthy photo, or watch a quick episode of your favorite show. Then, go back to studying for another chunk of time.

Reward yourself

You’re probably most excited to just be done with finals, but give yourself something else to look forward to once finals are finished. Plan a day trip, road trip or special activity with your friends (or family) once your finals are completed. This will keep you motivated and positive as you study.

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Set an aesthetic atmosphere

A yule log can provide a tranquil mood while studying, and help you get into the holiday spirit. Nikki Anderson, a senior at Susquehanna University says it does even more. “It attracts people to study with you or come in and chat, which can break up the study haze,” she said.  


Give your mind a break by working out your body during finals week. Exercising is not only super healthy, but re-energizes you and can make you happier, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

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Study with friends

Studying with friends is especially useful when you have the same class because you can each split up the work so you’re not outlining a whole textbook on your own. Plus, having someone just as determined as you will help you focus on your material. Of course, you will end up having some breaks throughout, which can lead to great conversations and positive moods.

Meme it

When you’re feeling low and helpless, turn to the internet to find some relatable memes to share with your friends. You will soon find out that you are not the only one riding the struggle bus, and the relatable and hilarious memes will bring a smile to your face.

Don’t stress too much

You may be thinking, “It’s finals week. Of course I am going to stress.” However, your mental sanity is more important than getting an A on your exam. Try your best, but realize one or two classes do not define you.