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Here’s Everything You Need to Know Before You Binge-watch “Euphoria”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

Ever since its release three years ago, fans have been obsessed with “Euphoria.” DIY videos on how to recreate some of the show’s amazing makeup and trending memes have been on the rise since its release. With season two’s release, more people continue to be sucked into Sam Levinson’s teenage drama. Here’s everything you need to know about the show before you dive into the rabbit hole.

Expect a lot of graphic scenes

For a high school-based show, there is a lot of graphic scenes. Expect full frontal and back along, a whole penis slide presentation and more. While the show follows Rue Bennett, a teenage drug addict, other characters such as Cassie and Nate deal with their sexual history and insecurities that make the show very graphic. There are other reasons for it but let’s not give away too many spoilers *wink*.

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could be triggering for some audiences

Going off of what was said in the first tip, “Euphoria” really isn’t for everyone. Zendaya, who plays Rue Bennett, even put out a disclaimer with season two’s release that the series isn’t intended for everyone. We urge you to research ahead if you fall under this category.

You’re going to feel all the feels

The characters’ backstories are one of the reasons “Euphoria” is on the rise. While they’re still minors, they navigate brutal scenarios that no one would expect to find in a high school show. The show had fans sobbing, anxiety spiking, adrenaline rushing, etc. Levinson’s goal for “Euphoria” was clearly to make his audience remind themselves they’re human because it was just brutal.

it’s not your everyday high school drama television show

“Euphoria” is unlike any other high school drama. While it does have teenage drama, it’s unlike shows that revolve around students who are uncertain about their future. “Euphoria” deals with more about surviving in an adult world as minors than confused minors trying to figure out the adult world.    

prepare to be dazzled by the show

Many aspects of “Euphoria” make the show so addictive. The show’s makeup and set design remind the audience the show is just a show. High schoolers with perfect eyeliner and makeup, faces bedazzled with rhinestones and a rotating stage in their school’s auditorium are just a few examples. All aspects of the show, such as lighting, cinematography and soundtrack make it beautiful to watch. Yet, this is what fans crave and expect from “Euphoria” and are never disappointed.

cast list includes diamonds in the rough

The show’s actors are just incredible. The show features lesser-known actors such as Hunter Schafer, Angus Cloud and Barbie Ferreira and brought them into the limelight since the release of “Euphoria.” Sydney Sweeney’s representation of Cassie has put her as a star on the rise.

if you can’t handle season one, wait until season two

Season two. That was a doozy. Levinson decided to completely flip the script with this season. It had more behind the scenes of Fezco, played by Angus Cloud, and his life as a drug dealer along with all his issues. Sweet Cassie from season one had a complete metamorphosis. Nate and his whole daddy issues. The list goes on and the drama will continue in season three!

“Euphoria” keeps making history

Let’s remember the fact that Zendaya made history thanks to this show. She became the youngest Emmy winner for best lead actress in a drama for her role as Rue. Despite the super bowl, there were over 5.1 million viewers from across HBO and HBO Max which was a 20% increase from the previous week’s episode release. It made up 45% of the season average. Let’s not forget “Euphoria” fans also broke HBO Max momentarily when the season two finale aired.

These are just the primary tips to keep in mind before you binge-watch “Euphoria.” Hopefully, it gives you an idea about what you’re getting into be you start episode one. Welcome to the madness and chaos that is Levinson’s mind.

Sabrina Blandon is an American Literature major at NYU's CAS. Her Author Spotlight series features reputable writers such as Xiran Jay Zhao and James Murray, as she hopes to add onto the list.