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Here Are 8 Travel Essentials You Need This Spring Break

With our countdown to spring break FINALLY in the single digits, everyone in college can’t wait to be free of midterms and essays. Whether you are going on vacation or simply heading home for some much needed R&R, most college students will be leaving their campuses to reward themselves for the hard work they’ve done so far this semester.

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No matter if your trip is short or long one, here are a few essentials that everyone needs to have in their bag when traveling:

1. Portable Charger

As someone who always has their phone on them at all times, a portable charger is always needed wherever I go. How am I supposed to listen to Spotify without my phone fully charged?

2. Earbuds

Another necessity no matter where I am. If you’re an anxious person like I am, music helps me relax in any setting. If I’m sitting on an airplane or in my car, music will help me ease my anxiousness while traveling until I make it to my destination.

3. Hand Sanitizer

People are dirty. Sorry, not sorry. Always make sure to have hand sanitizer on you to get rid of those nasty germs so you spend your spring break relaxing and having fun, not sick in bed.

4. Gum/Mints

If you tend to fly home like I do, gum/mints are an absolute must when you’re on a plane. Chewing gum while the plane takes off and lands will help prevent your ears from popping. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

5. Granola Bar

Who doesn’t get a little hungry while traveling? A granola bar is always a good thing to keep in your bag for when that unexpected hunger pain hits, and it will fill you up until you get to your next destination.

6. Sunglasses

The sun is out and it’s here to stay!  The dreaded winter is finally leaving us for good and it’s starting to become nice and warm outside. Make sure you have some shades so you can see all this nice weather we’re getting!

7. Chapstick

With this sun coming out, chapped lips are a problem that is around all year. Keeping chapstick on hand is always a plus and remember, if you feel good you look good!

8. Travel Journal

Documenting your travels is a great way to look back on what you’ve done!

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash.com

Make this spring break one for the books, but don’t forget to relax, that’s the most important thing!

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