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Her Campus Hofstra Explains Why They Support A Global Friendship

For the month of February, Her Campus teamed up with A Global Friendship to help spread an important message, and Her Campus Hofstra girls wanted to get on board and share why they felt so passionately about AGF. 


” I love to write. Writing has been a passion of mine for who knows how long. I really got interested in poetry and began to write notebooks upon notebooks of poetry. This summer, I decided to post a few of my poems online, so the world could see who I was, as a writer and as a person. This is something I never sought to do. I was always afraid, and the lack of confidence really didn’t help me. But something told me I should do it and just go for it.

Weeks later I receive an email telling me I have been selected to enter a poetry contest with a poem I posted online. I submitted the poem and I ended up being in the top percentage to have my poem published. I couldn’t believe that this happened to me. I was being recognized for something I love doing, and people think I am a good enough writer to be published into something.

Months after I still thank myself for leaving my comfort zone. I realized my true potential and I achieved success in something that was always a hobby to me. This goes to show I can do what I set my mind to, and putting myself out there can just be a good thing.”

-Kayla Garritano


“I think I’ve used my inner voice through writing in order to speak on behalf for women who don’t have the capability to. Writing about anything is such a freeing experience because it lets you take on a story and tell it in the way it’s supposed to be told, but most importantly writing lets you speak on behalf of a population or group that is oppressed, which I think is really great. As a TV major who is concentrating on screenwriting, I believe my screenplays are the perfect opportunity to tell someone else’s story that deserves to not only get told, but be heard by the world.”

Allison Waxman

“I have been apart of She’s the First for three years now. Before I came to Hofstra I did a similar thing at my high school. STF is an organization that helps send girls in developing countries to school. It only takes about $300​ to send a girl to school for a whole year. This organization is very close to my heart. As the first girl in my family to go to college, I believe that everyone is entitled to an education. I have been blessed to be in a family where education is very important. My father always wanted us to go to good schools even if he couldn’t afford it. I was always encouraged to do my best and I was told that I could do whatever I wanted to do. I want other girls to hear this message. I want them to know that they matter and that they can have the future they dream of. With a good education that can happen. Not to mention all the good these women could do if they were only given the chance. As secretary of STF, I read stories about women around the world and what they are doing for women’s education. There are so many inspiring women in the world. I think either of these organizations could benefit from hearing the story of a girl who fought for the right to learn. “

Marialena Rago


“As a journalist, one of my major duties is to spread the word about incredible accomplishments of those who aren’t able publicize it themselves. I’ve written articles about a woman who did a semester at sea, which involved aiding and teaching students in Africa, a PR consultant for a breast cancer hotline and support group, and even an article about new inventions that can be used to prevent date rape. My written voice has allowed me to publicize the efforts of empowering women and organizations, which will hopefully inspire anyone who reads my work.”

Brianna Ciniglio

Coming from a small town in Connecticut, Hailey is a recent graduate of Hofstra University. She spent her time in school working as the Campus Correspondent for the Hofstra chapter of Her Campus where she led the chapter to a pink level status every semester she oversaw the chapter. She also served as the Personnel Director for Marconi Award Winning station WRHU-FM. While holding multiple positions at Hofstra, she was a communications intern at Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment, the company that oversees Barclays Center and Nassau Veteran's Memorial Coliseum. 
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