Her Campus Finals Survival Kit

This week the lovely people at HC Nationals sent us an awesome finals survival kit complete with goodies from our favorite sponsors! Many thanks to PopChips, Chipotle, and Luna for giving us the energy to get through the toughest week of the semester. 

1. PopChips

PopChips taste exactly like potato chips, only much healthier! The low-fat crunchy snack is perfect for your late night session at the library. For more on the brand, follow them on Twitter, @popchips.

2. Chipotle

I'm sure as college students, most of us have heard of (and indulged in) our favorite Mexican restaurant, Chipotle! We received some buy one, get one free cards, perfect for a study date with a friend over burritos. For more on Chipotle, follow their cheeky Twitter account, @ChipotleTweets.


LUNA is the first nutrition bar specifically formulated with women's needs in mind. The nutrition bars provide nutrients that women often lack, like folic acid, calcium, iron, and Vitamin D. Not to mention, they come in the yummiest flavors! For more on LUNA, follow them on Twitter @LUNAbar.