HC Hofstra's Favorite Super Bowl LII Commercials

Super Bowl Sunday is a huge time for many and there are quite a few different people in this world when it comes to the championship game. There are the football lovers, football haters, the foodies, the commercial junkies and the halftime enthusiasts. (Anyone else still obsessing over Justin Timberlake?) 

I personally watch the game because I love it - but I also love the commercials, the food and the halftime show!

Here are HC Hofstra's favorite commercials from Super Bowl LII: 

Most Inspiring

Toyota – Good Odds

This is one of my favorite, most inspirational commercials so far. It's in the running with the Budweiser commercial but I think Toyota did a really great job putting this together. They focus on the fact that winning a Paralympic gold medal is almost 1 billion to 1 but that didn’t stop Lauren Woolstencroft, a Canadian skier who has won eight gold medals so far.

Budweiser – “Stand By You”

I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of all the Budweiser commercials. From puppies to Clydesdales to now helping the people in need, these commercials are always emotional. Budweiser states on their YouTube page that, “Since 1988, our employees have helped provide more than 79 million cans of water to cities across the U.S that were impacted by natural disasters.” This year they focused on Florida, Puerto Rico, Texas, and California. Personally, I wasn’t expecting this and it kind of brought a tear to my eye! Go Budweiser!

Coke - The Wonder of Us

Coke took an inspirational approach to their Super Bowl commercial focusing on the fact that there is only one you - no one has seen what you have seen, done what you have done, or been through what you have.  But even though there is only one of you, there is a Coke for all.

Stella Artois – Matt Damon

Water is something many take for granted while others fight for it. Matt Damon helped deliver the message that if 1% of people watching the add bought 1 limited edition Stella Artois chalice, they could give water to 1 million people for five years. Water.org and Stella Artois have teamed up to make this happen.



Doritos and Mountain Dew - The Rap Battle

The rap battle to end all rap battles featuring Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman had me laughing the whole time. Morgan Freeman took the new Mountain Dew Ice side with Missy Elliott and Peter Dinklage took the Doritos Blaze side with Busta Rhymes. The real question is: who won? 

Eli Manning and Odell Beckham – To all the touchdowns to come

No one was expecting this celebration with Eli Manning and the Giants after their season but none the less it was hilarious. What could be better than two football legends reenacting ~that~ scene from Dirty Dancing

M&M’s- Human

No one in the world would be more of a human equivalent to an M&M than Danny DeVito. This commercial had me laughing from the start because he fit in so well! Signing off with “you're still short and bald” helped seal the deal, making this one of the funniest commercials of the night. 

Sprint - Evelyn

While I was watching this commercial I thought it was going to be a typical bashing of Verizon until all of a sudden, another robot popped up and starting mocking the doctor while another smaller robot says “You have a dumb face”. I thought Sprint did a really good job of not spending the whole air time bashing other companies and actually bringing humor into it.

Michelob ULTRA – The Perfect Fit

The irony of this commercial is that it's way too relatable. We sike ourselves up for things like a new job, or a new opportunity that we are getting, only to find that its not what we have expected. However, that’s not all that this commercial is about. Michelob takes you on Chris Pratt’s training to become their perfect spokesperson. After training, Pratt shows up to the audition to find that its not what he expected!

Ram Trucks – Vikings, We Will Rock You

Showcasing the new Ram 1500, Icelandic Vikings jam out to the song "We Will Rock You" from Queen as they take the truck through the most epic adventure to get to the Super Bowl just to find that the Minnesota Vikings won’t be playing this year. “Their journey continues over sea as they row their Viking ship with their beloved truck in tow to America but are in for a shocking surprise. Luckily, they are driving the only truck that is indeed ‘built for the unexpected,'” reads the description of the YouTube video. Here's hoping they have better luck next year! 

Pringles - Wow

First of all, how has anyone not thought of stacking Pringle flavors before!? It’s such an awesome idea! I thought this commercial was more innovative than funny at times but still definitely one of the better commericals of the night.

This commercial doesn’t really fall under the "inspirational" or "funny" categories, but we couldn't go without stating it. Lexus' “Black Panther” commercial was a good one, and not only because they are featuring actors from the most anticipated movie of the year. Watch for yourself: 


Best of the Night

Tide – It’s a Tide ad

This year, Tide brought in David Harbour from Stranger Things to let everyone know “It’s a Tide ad” and I thought these were the best! They had you thinking it was a car commercial, or an Old Spice one, but nope, it was just a Tide Ad! Harbour showed up many times throughout the Super Bowl to make you laugh and explain to you that every Super Bowl commercial is just a Tide Ad. Tide put out four ads totaling 100 seconds costing them $16.667 million dollars. NBC charged five million plus for a 30-second ad on average. Talk about serious advertising!

Amazon – Alexa Loses her Voice

In Amazon’s Super Bowl commercial, Alexa loses her voice mid-weather. But that’s okay, because Amazon has replacements! Featuring Gordon Ramsey, Cardi B, Rebel Wilson and Anthony Hopkins, the replacements should work, right? As of 1:00 am Monday, February 5th YouTube announced the most viewed ads with this Amazon commercial at the top. See why!