HC Hofstra's Favorite Instagrammers

We all have our favorite people we follow on Twitter and Snapchat. We have our favorite bloggers, influencers, and Instagrammers as well! Because there are so many of them out there, it can be hard to pick a favorite. Today, I am bringing you Her Campus Hofstra's favorites you NEED to check out!

1. Kelly Guidry, Junior, Writer & Digital Designer

Kelly's favorite Instagrammers include: 

@cfashionista, a whole profile devoted just to college fashion.

@allieprovost, a lifestyle, travel, and fashion Instagrammer.

@orionvanessa, a poet, author and content creater living in LA.

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@brandonwoelfel, A stunning photographer originating in New York!

2. Adah Koivula, Sophomore, Social Media Director

Adah's favorite Instagrammers include : 

@aspynovard, a lifestyle vlogger and blogger. 

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@betches, the official Instagram account for betches.com filled with enough memes to keep you laughing for days.

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@candidlychan, a lifestyle and fashion blogger based out of Atlanta, GA.

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@reesewitherspoon, I don't think I need to say anything about Reese. She's amazing and we all know that. 

3. Danielle Zulkosky, Junior, Writer 

Danielle's favorite Instagrammers include : 

@bettinas_kitchen, a freelance plant based and gluten free chef. 

@eurosaurus, a Jack Russel from Thailand who is just loving the internet. 

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@pninatornai, a fashion designer and TV personality. 

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4. Kayleigh McClean, Sophomore, Writer

Kayleigh's favorite Instagrammers include : 

@livpurvis, London-based blogger, and locational baker. 

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@margoandme, digital writer and Instagram fanatic. 

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5. Madie Mento, Freshman, Writer & Snapchat Editor

Madie's favorite Instagrammers include : 

@reagandoodle, the perfect poodle spreading "pawsitivity". 

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@hercampusbeauty, the one stop shop for all things Her Campus Beauty!

@carolinecalloway, a college graduate who made over half a million dollars with her first book!

6. Sarah Hanlon, Junior, President

Sarah's favorite Instagrammers include : 

@carly, a lifestyle and fashion blogger. 

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@juliahengel, founder of Gal Meets Glam. 

@LemonStripes, a lifestyle and fashion blogger. 

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@rachparcell, a fashion blogger and designer. She has her own women's collection!

7. Alissa Anderson, Junior, Member

Alissa's favorite Instagrammers include : 

@kittenxlady, a professional kitten rescuer and humane educator. 

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8. Yolany Paz, Freshman, Writer

Yolany's favorite Instagrammers include : 

@kathleen_barnes, a travel and style insta babe. 

@thesundaychapter, a style and travel blog based in Melbourne, Australia


@_not_madonna, journalist who loves all things Disney. 

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9. Alexandra Licata, Junior, Secretary

Alex's favorite Instagrammers include : 

@Sarahs_day, a healthy YouTuber who also loves to work out. 

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@whitneyysimmons, fitness guru who loves Gymshark and her favorite pups!

@everychanginghorizon, a traveler who is sharing all of his adventures on his website and blog. 

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10. Paige Strout, Freshman, Writer and Instagram Story Editor

Paige's favorite Instagrammers include : 

@luciebfink, a video producer and lifestyle host for Refinery 29. 

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@anthropologie, the one, and only Anthropologie, where you can find apartment inspo and shop while you're at it!

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Did you find someone new to follow? We love all of these stunning Instagrammers and although there were so many more I could have put in this post, these were among our favorites.