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Harry Styles Is Coming To New York, Here Are 5 Outfit Ideas

Love On Tour has finally arrived. Harry Styles fans — myself included — have been long awaiting Styles’ return to the stage and the concert arena. Due to the pandemic, he and his team had to push back the official tour dates for Love On Tour, his current tour for his latest album “Fine Line.” While fans eagerly anticipated the tour’s commencement, there has been one positive about all the extra time: more time to find an outfit!

Styles’ moments in fashion have been shared all over the internet; from his trendy crochet sweater to his Vogue cover, Styles does not shy away from exploring and influencing trends and the conversation around clothing. This makes it so Love On Tour is an opportunity for fans to show up, exploring their own sense of fashion or depicting notable Harry Styles iconography. 

If you’re like me and still don’t have an outfit picked out for Love On Tour, here are a few routes and bits of inspiration you can use to create a concert outfit you feel confident, comfortable and cute as a button!


In general, glitz and glam is always the best route for any concert. Whether a glimmery shirt, bedazzled tights or something with rhinestones, you will be sure to elevate any concert outfit. Styles himself has performed in shiny outfits like a two-piece suit with studded detailing or a shirt made of pink tinsel-like material.

go For the Fruit theme

Cherry earrings, watermelon tube top, shoes with kiwis on them — any fruit-themed piece of clothing you have in your closet would be put to good use at a Harry Styles concert. As Styles is known for his many fruit references across both of his two solo albums, you can show your appreciation for the themes and motifs in Styles’ music.

Emphasize that it’s love on tour

Personally, I am planning on cutting out little hearts in wide-legged jeans to wear when I go see Harry or potentially don his iconic red heart sunglasses worn in the “Watermelon Sugar” music video. Outfits and accessories that reference a Venusian expression of love are guaranteed to follow the theme and energy of the show.

Recreate an iconic harry styles look
Harry Styles performing at the 2021 Grammy Awards
Photo by Francis Specker / CBS

Do you still have that Styles-inspired patchwork sweater you crocheted during quarantine? Perhaps you have long white slacks, suspenders and a pink button-down lying around? Either way, due to the fact that Styles is a man who is photographed often and known for his style, fans of his often find themselves dressing similar to him. Outfits that are reminiscent of any of Styles’ iconic red carpet looks, album covers or paparazzi photographs will both look good (because they’re Styles approved!) and make it so you twin with the guy performing!

Get a little silly!

Whether it’s dressing up like two ghosts in bedsheets (referencing “Two Ghosts” on Styles’s debut solo album) or dressing up in an outfit similar to the one Styles wore when he tried out for The X Factor, don’t be afraid to throw on something fun or an inside joke of the fandom. It may help you make friends, and at the very least will ensure you make the best of your time!

Even if you don’t find inspiration in this list, do remember this: wear what makes you happy! Harry Styles puts on a fun and entertaining show, so whatever you want to wear that reflects that is perfect for the occasion. Have fun, be safe, and for some more inspiration, check out this Pinterest board that we created to help give you some more ideas!

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