The Guide to Girl Crushes

Have you ever felt those little butterflies in your stomach when thinking about a certain someone? Has this someone ever been the opposite gender you’re use to getting all gooey-eyed for? No, I’m not asking about the time you realized you were a lesbian, or the week you came out as bisexual. I’m talking to you, miss straight-sally. In all likelihood, at least once in your life you were attracted to another girl. You did not just find her pretty, or gorgeous, you were attracted to her. Well, have no fear, because you, my friend, have found yourself a girl crush.           

“What is a girl crush?” You ponder, as you sit on your bedroom floor crying over the beauty of Jennifer Lawrence. A girl crush is simple. It’s when you’re into a girl, maybe for her looks, her personality, her achievements, and you just adore everything about her. You’re not sure if you want to be her, be next to her [in bed], or be her best friend. But no matter the reason, your girl crush is harmless, if anything it’s something to be proud of, and show off.

It’s super easy to have a girl crush, after all, girls are beautiful creatures. Just look at us, we’re hot. And every girl has something unique that makes her hot, which attracts other girls to her.  You can have a girl crush for a variety of reasons: her fabulous hair, her huge butt, her perky boobs, her bubbly laugh, her cute style, and more! And you’re going to have a girl crush on lots of different people. Maybe it’s a celebrity, maybe it’s your best friend, maybe that random hot girl in your physics class, or maybe it’s a witty Her Campus writer *bats eyelashes*.  

Once you realize your crush on said girl, don’t be alarmed. Just because you have one…or ten girl crushes does not make you any less straight, or diminish your attraction to guys. So take a breath, relax, and put away that “Coming Out” letter you wrote for your parents. A girl crush is something to brag about, definitely not something you should hide, or be ashamed of. After all, you are confident enough to call another girl pretty or talented without feeling jealous (maybe just a little). We are moving away from immediately insulting a girl for having attributes that make us wish we had, and opening our eyes to the world of complementing a fellow female.

So next time a charming girl comes your way, don’t fear the girl crush. Flaunt it! Tell her you love her shoes; I bet it will make her day. And who knows, maybe she’s got a little girl crush on you as well. Denying your attraction to the girl will get you absolutely nowhere. People can tell you’re holding something in, so let it out! Make your friend your #WCW, and be proud to admit you have a lady-boner for artsy girls. In all honesty, if you don’t want to make out with Mila Kunis, I don’t trust you.