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From Sway Boy to Breakout Star- JDXN Is On The Rise

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

Travis Barker’s first signee to DTA Records, Jaden Hossler, has quickly risen to every occasion. From collaborating with Nessa Barrett, Iann Dior, Beauty School Dropouts, Josiah, Amelia Moore and MGK to starring in Machine Gun Kelley’s film “Downfalls High” and later opening for his “Tickets to My Downfall” tour, Hossler has exceeded the expectations of many fans.

The Tennessee native gained prominence on TikTok in 2019, like various other stars today. After gaining over a million followers on the app, Hossler joined talent agency Talent X and the Sway House. The Los Angeles-based “house” of prevalent content creators included Josh Richards, Bryce Hall, Anthony Reeves, Quinton Griggs, Griffin Johnson, Blake Gray and Noah Beck.

The group became most known for their drama with a rival content house “Hype House,” as well as for the content with their girlfriends, dancing TikToks and Youtube videos. Although the Sway House has since disbanded and each creator has found their niche through Barstool Podcasts, Youtube Videos, Nursing School and Fashion, Hossler was shifting from content creation to music in February of 2020.

Sway Boys collaboration with beauty influencer James Charles July 17th 2020

Music has always been in Hossler’s blood, as a high schooler he starred in school musicals and sang in the choir, however, he didn’t begin to explore pop-punk or create his own music until he stood “eight feet away from the stage” at a Juice WRLD concert. Hossler Tells RollingStone magazine that the concert made him realize that music was so powerful. “If he can do it, I know I have to try,” said Hossler, and so he did, releasing his debut single “Comatose” in February 2020 on his own.

His self-released single “Comatose” launched his career. After catching the attention of musician Travis Barker and being signed to his label DTA Records in a joint deal with Elektra Records in the summer of 2020, Hossler went on to release singles titled “Angels & Demons” and “So What.” The 22 year old’s music tackles hard-hitting but relatable topics including depression and suicidal thoughts, which he opens about in his song “Pray”: “The truth is I don’t want to be me I pray to God I die in my sleep.” Hossler explained to People Magazine that “Pray” is “kind of like a prayer that I was calling out before while I was In the depression,” he said.

Following the release of “Pray,” JXDN’s music continues to dip into dark topics and brings awareness to his struggles with anxiety and depression. Hossler released “Tell Me About Tomorrow” in July of 2021. The eighteen-song album stands as a symbol of hope for his fans, while it touches on mental health with songs “Better off Dead,” “Wanna Be,” “Angels and Demons PT.2” and “Tell Me About Tomorrow,” a song inspired by his late friend Cooper Noriega who passed away a year after the album released on July 9th, 2022. “Tell Me About Tomorrow” also discusses topics surrounding relationship pressure and breakups within lyrics- “and now you’re gone and I’m here, another heartbreak and a wasted year” from the song “A wasted Year.”

Not only has Hossler’s connection to Travis Barker and DTA records helped him further his career from singing covers on TikTok to a hit album in less than a year, he also has been collaborating with singer Machine Gun Kelly, which brought Hossler to the next level. The two collaborated on Kelly’s film “Downfall High” in 2021, and Hossler was given the opportunity to open MGK’s Tickets To My Downfall U.S tour in 2021. While on tour with MGK, Hossler grew closer to Cooper Noriega, a TikTok star focused on fashion, addiction awareness and mental health. Noriega’s experience with addiction and mental health actually influenced the song “Tell Me About Tomorrow,” which Hossler dedicated to Noriega during many performances.

After coming off the high of MGK’s tour, Jaden began to focus on preparing for a tour of his own. However, he was unfortunately taken aback by the sudden loss of his best friend Cooper Noriega. Noriega’s passing pushed Hossler to release new songs “Beautiful Boy” and “Even In The Dark”, on Noriega’s 20th Birthday June 28th, 2022. Hossler was inspired by Noreiga’s passion and activity in supporting young people with addiction and mental health issues, promoting “Coop’s Advice,” the foundation created by the Noriega family alongside the songs.

“Beautiful Boy” highlights the relationship between the two boys; JXDN asks “Why’d you go so soon when you said that you wouldn’t?” and sings, “My old escape and my best friend, even though you’re not here you hold my hand… I just wanna talk to you, I guess I gotta talk to God.” Through this dedication, Hossler reveals the strong bond he had with Noriega and honors their friendship. “Even In The Dark” goes deeper. “I still follow your shadow in the dark… I’ll still celebrate your birthday even if it isn’t with you.” “28 (Songs for Cooper)” showcases JXDN’s vocals in a different way, and are incredibly vulnerable. In “Even In The Dark” he sings, “this world was too painful, hope it’s better where you are,” to honor Noriega’s life and their friendship, while shining light on mental health and the effects of addiction.

Jaden Hossler with Cooper Noriega and Nessa Barrett in August 2022

Today, JXDN is taking on a United States tour of his own. His “I Hope This Never Ends Tour” with support from “Beauty School Dropouts” began on February 24 in Sacramento California and is prospected to end in Santa Ana California on April 18.

While on tour, JXDN is performing 23 songs, including those off his album “Tell Me About Tomorrow,” unreleased titles off his upcoming album “Elevated Heart Break,” “Wreck Me,” “Tastes Like Heaven” and covers of Coldplay’s “Yellow” and The Weekend’s “The Hills”.

Various videos of his tour can be seen blowing up across TikTok accounts, especially his cover of “Yellow” which he dedicated to his ex-girlfriend Anastasia Karanikolaou (Stassie Baby). JXDN is utilizing this tour to intimately showcase his vocal talents, range, stage presence and meet his fans.

JXDN covering Coldplay’s “Yellow”

Although the tour content is holding his excited fans over (for now), many are looking forward to his unreleased hits to be released, hopefully this summer. In the meantime, Hossler has given his fans a taste of what is to come by releasing songs “Sober” in November 2022 and “Friends With Benefits” in March 2023.

It’s no doubt the star has grown tremendously within the past three years, he even has the tattoos to prove it.

From the 19-year-old posting ukulele covers in his bedroom, to the 22-year-old touring with MGK, collaborating with various artists and performing on his OWN tour, Hossler has faced adversity within this short period of time but manages to rise above. His music honors his struggle and makes his fans feel less alone.

What is next for JXDN?

Isabella Cunha is a current Sophomore at Hofstra University studying Public Relations. She is from New Hampshire and is excited to see what's in store for her in New York!