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Friday Foodie: Hummus Place


Restaurant: Hummus Place


Cuisine: Middle Eastern/Mediterranean


Great for: hummus-lovers (of course), vegetarians, cheap and easy lunch or dinner


Location: I went to their West Village location: 71 Seventh Avenue, at Bleecker St., New York City. They also have locations in the East Village and the Upper West Side.


Phone #: (212) 924-2022


Price Range: $10-$15


I am thankful to whoever chose the name for Hummus Place and decided not to beat around the bush, because that’s what brought me to their glorious food in the first place. My friend Emilie and I are slightly obsessed with hummus, so it was pretty much a no-brainer that we were going to eat at this restaurant when we discovered their website.

Hummus Place has a great deal that allows you to order any 3 appetizers of your choice, served with homemade pita bread, for $9.95. Let me just repeat that: served with homemade pita bread. We ordered grape leaves, falafel, and labane (a kind of yogurt dip), and all of it was delicious. The two of us also shared one of their many hummus platters, also with pita bread, for only $8 (you can substitute the pita bread for gluten-free corn tortillas if you have an allergy or are just, you know, crazy). Everything we ate was flavorful and extremely filling; after splitting the bill, we each got a full meal for only $10. Hummus Place also offers soups, salads, and desserts, though we were sadly too full to try anything else. They also offer a brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30am-5pm for $11.95. Their menu has a great variety and there is at least one hummus platter, sandwich, or salad everyone can enjoy, except for maybe picky eaters. But who wants to be friends with them anyway?


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