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Five Unfamiliar Tarot Cards That Actually Mean Good Fortune

Are you longing to know what the future holds for you? Do you see those “this is a sign for you” videos pop up on your TikTok feeds and get curious about what they mean?

If you are looking for the answers, or need any type of personal or spiritual guidance, go and buy a deck of Tarot cards! Tarot cards are well known all over the world for their fortune-telling abilities. These mysterious cards are used to ask questions about your life regarding things such as work/career, relationships, personal development and many other things. Of course, when it comes to tarot, paranoia or fear can develop when we see certain cards that give us specific messages. However, there are also many positive cards in the deck as well! For example, if you pull the shiny and bright Sun card, the lucky Wheel of Fortune card or even the vibrant Ten of Cups card with the giant rainbow and happy family, good things are usually in store for you! Just like the happiness and joy that those cards can foretell, did you know there are also many other positive cards in the entire deck that you can receive? Here are five unfamiliar tarot cards that actually mean good fortune!


The Four of Wands

The Four of Wands represents celebration, prosperity and harmony. The bright golden-yellow card pictures two people holding bouquets underneath a colorful wreath of flowers perched on top of the four wands. Some possible outcomes could be that you will be invited to a fun event in the future, or even could mean that you find a community or group of amazing people that you feel like you belong with. Since this card belongs to the Suit of Wands in the Minor Arcana, wands represent energy, passion and ambition. This card's main message is to celebrate and be thankful for the good things you have in your life, or the things that will come to you in the future. If you are asking about a person, this card can represent someone who has a cheerful, outgoing and accepting personality. Since wands in tarot are associated with the element of fire, it could also correspond to someone who is born under a fire sign; Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. If you pull this card, it can mean that things have a positive and strong foundation and that everything is going well… So go out and celebrate!!

The Star Card

The Star card represents a sense of renewal, hope and spirituality. This beautiful card is one of the most positive omens within the 78 cards if you are asking about personal healing or self peace. The navy blue and purple card depicts a female water bearer collecting water from a pond and pouring it to the Earth under a starry sky. The main message of this card is to heal your mind, body and soul in order to re-grow and learn from yourself or others around you. The seventeenth card in the Major Arcana revolves heavily around inspiration and influence. If you are asking about a person, this card can represent someone who is a role model, artistic or inspirational. The Star also associates itself with the Aquarius star sign since the woman is a water bearer. To sum up the general meaning of the Star, it is important for you to be open to learning new things or investing yourself into passions that you can use to self-heal and inspire others around you!

The Strength Card

Ahh.. The bold and heroic Strength Card. The Strength Card pictures a young woman clothed in white robes with an infinity halo over her head taming a full maned lion. The lion in the picture can also be seen licking her hand as if he were a dog. This card speaks of strength in all forms. For most readings, it would mean finding the inner strength for an obstacle that you will overcome that will have a positive outcome. Whenever you pull this card, its main message is saying that you will find balance, control and a stronger sense of self in whatever you are choosing to do. Examples of this could be walking away from a relationship that you know isn’t right, or leaving a job that you don’t feel is benefitting you anymore. This card speaks of leading with compassion and balanced power to find the courage to make decisions to overcome your obstacles, or in other words “tame your inner beasts.” If you’re asking about an individual, it would represent a person who is confident, courageous and compassionate. The eighth Major Arcana Card is also linked to the zodiac sign of Leo, hence the shaggy lion pictured here. All in all, this card speaks volumes to a message along the lines of “whatever you chose to do, you will lead yourself on the right path and become a better YOU in the end.” 

The Two of Cups

The Two of Cups is the one card that basically means these three words; unity, partnerships and connection. The card depicts a young woman and a young man holding hands and two cups underneath a lion head with giant wings. I know you may be wondering… and yes, this is a love and romance card! If you are asking about your future, you may just end up in a relationship pretty soon, which is both balanced and compassionate. If you are asking about a person and receive this card, it can mean that someone is starting to catch some feelings for you! If you are in a relationship and as about your significant other, it means they have the same intentions as you do and love you very much. Since cups in the Minor Arcana correspond with emotion, this card is associated with water signs in the zodiac; Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. There are some instances where the Two of Cups can also mean non-romantic partnerships as well. For instance, it could be reconciling ties with a friend after a fight, forming a new friendship with someone who has the same interest as you or even maintaining a good relationship with peers at work. In health readings, this sign can mean good fortune in healing after being sick, or receiving positive results from a medical test which points to staying healthy and okay. This card speaks volumes to all things positive within your relationships. Keep an eye out for anyone special if you receive this card!

The Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles is personally one of the prettiest cards in the deck to me. This card pictures an old man with his two white dogs sitting underneath an archway facing a couple and their child with the ten pentacles surrounding the archway. Because of the pentacles, or also known as coins, this card really speaks about wealth, security and establishment. This is a family card. The valiant ten pentacles speak of good things when it comes to questions about relationships and career/finances as it predicts solid foundations. If you pull this card, the main message is “there is security and abundance that surrounds you.” Pentacles in the Minor Arcana are associated with earth signs in the zodiac; Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus. If you’re asking about a specific individual, this person is usually wealthy or comes from a stable financial background, very family-oriented or someone that has created a solid legacy. It can also point to an older individual who is retired and is willing to provide for those in need that they love. This card is beautiful to receive in any reading as it foretells luck. Be sure to know that you are in a safe environment in which you feel grounded, connected and stable!

This list proves Tarot doesn't always have to be scary, and we hope all the best fortune for your future!

Mika Mantha

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Mika Mantha is a public relations major at Hofstra University, and is also working towards a minor in photography. She currently resides in Massachusetts, but has lived in three different states throughout her childhood (insane right)! When she is not napping or binging a new Netflix series, you can catch her being an avid shopaholic (it's a problem), cracking really dumb jokes or striking up the most random conversations with literally anyone, or taking pictures and exploring new music in her spare time.
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